Karaoke Revolution: American Idol

Karaoke Revolution: American Idol
PlayStation 2
* (0.5 star)
What up, dawgs?!? How drunk and stupid are you to be reading this review? Just seeing Karaoke Revolution: American Idol‘s cover on this page should’ve made you turn the page. But no, you actually took the time to read this review. Kook! Well, since you made it this far, I’m gonna make your reading experience one-million times more entertaining than this game (which isn’t that hard).
GAMEPLAY: It’s basically a note-for-note reproduction of the Fox TV show, except that Ambien-addled hag Paul Abdul isn’t in the mix. She’s the worst judge anyway, so no big loss there.
GRAPHICS: I’m not really sure how much graphics matter on a karaoke game, so we can skip this part.
SOUND: Unfortunately, I can’t rate the sound of your horrible, shrill-ass voice, but I can chime in and say that the A.I. intro, Randy Jackson’s dawg-poundings, and Simon Cowell’s delectable mean-spiritedness are all there, true to life. That’s worth a half star, but no more.
ENTERTAINMENT: Playing karaoke guitar on Guitar Hero like Chris Cole in last month’s Game Over is barely acceptable--at least metal is cool. But singing along to “Funkytown with a plastic microphone? Don’t ask and definitely don’t tell us about it.--Gamey Thomas