Today’s Street World Championships at the Kimberley Diamond Cup in South Africa went down head-to-head, single elimination bracket style, just like last year. The big upset was in Nassim Guammaz’ second jam, he knocked out Nyjah Huston who had a bye in the first round due to his top qualifying spot yesterday and it was Nyjah’s first jam of the day. The crowd went nuts! Nassim definitely gained a lot of new fans today in Kimberley. Nassim eventually got knocked out by Kelvin Hoefler who went on to beat Tommy Fynn in the finals. It was an insane day of skating. Check out video and photos of the qualifiers and we’ll have our World Championships video up soon!

Pro Street Finals Results & Cash Prizes
1. Kelvin Hoefler               $100,000
2.  Tommy Fynn                   $40,000
3.  Louie Lopez                   $15,000
4.  Nassim Guammaz         $15,000
5.  Nyjah Huston                    $4,500
6. Micky Papa                         $4,500
7. Tyson Bowerbank             $4,500
8. TJ Rogers                              $4,500
9.  Matt Berger                        $3,000
10. Tom Knox                            $3,000
11. Jereme Knibbs                  $3,000
12. Dlamini Dlamini                 $3,000

Busted Shoe Diaries
Day 1Women’s Street and Big Air

Photos / BLAIR