Down Below It’s Chaos
Sub Pop
*** (3.5/5.0)

“Diverse is the only word that can describe the first five songs on this album: instrumentals and long breakdowns that are reminiscent of Don Caballero, with a melodic vibe similar to a young Helmet, and with a dash of feedback that screams Sonic Youth influence. The above-stated diversity is a double-edge sword. True, it’s great not to have every song sounding the same like Bad Religion, but at the same time, it really sucks if you’re on a road trip and you pop this in and the first five tracks make you want to haul ass from Vancouver, BC to San Diego, weaving in and out of traffic and the rest of the album makes you want to pull over at the next Motel 6 and fall asleep. If you’re bipolar and feel there is only black and white in life, this is the album for you. If you like transition more than Matt Dove, then you will be left hanging.—Nate Sherwood