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Lakai: Picture Me Eurollin’ Tour Photos

After month's of hearing, "We might be going to Europe this summer," and "We should be going to Europe this summer," I was finally told, "We are going to Europe this summer." This would be my first Euro trip, and Lakai was taking a heavy crew: Stevie Perez, Vincent Alvarez, Rick Howard, Nick Jensen, Danny Brady, Jon Sciano, Jesus Fernandez, Sebo Walker, Sylvain Tognelli, Riley Hawk, and Daniel Espinoza. I was ready for all the great things I had heard: awesome food, gorgeous women, insane spots, and a relaxed atmosphere. We arrived in England, and apparently they hadn't gotten the awesome food, gorgeous women, relaxed atmo' memo. All our Mexican friends were given a verbal beatdown at customs, our food for the next week was served with a lack of this thing we have in the states called "flavor." Apparently asking for breakfast over there means, "Can we stop by the petrol station?" and the iced coffee hasn't yet been invented. The spots, however aesthetically pleasing as they may be, make Detroit look like MACBA. Now I know there are good-looking British girls, I've met them in LA, and they're top-notch, but the remaining few must have been out of town when we got there. After a week of hearing snide remarks from our British team riders every time we complained about anything, we finally flew to Germany. We had long last arrived in real Europe. We spent the next week there (and the Netherlands) enjoying all the fine things they had to offer: Beer cheaper than water, friendly college girls, skate spots that look like skateparks, and food that didn't have an ample helping of mayonnaise. All jokes aside, the entire trip was a blast, and the team enjoyed themselves as evidenced by the following photos, even the English spots. 'Til next time Europe…
Words by Daniel Wheatley
Photos by Hendrik Herzmann

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