(Above Stevie Perez, backside 50-50. LA)

Starting the New Year off with a bang, Lakai put together a small renegade crew to head northbound from LA to the Bay Area. With this lovable cast of characters, you know there is going to be something going on at all times. Rails, pools, concrete, and ledges—these low-key killers can skate it all, and with that in mind, lazer cannons were set to destroy and away they went! Did somebody say stacking clips?
Words and Photos By Mike O’Meally

crewDanny Brady is a master at difficult spots; in fact, it is almost the crustier the better with this guy. The only thing fiercer than his pop outta this noseblunt was the man whose sleeping bag was disturbed to skate the spot. He came storming back from who knows where with a vengeance. He was wound up and wanted heads to roll. Unfortunately for him, he was in such a rage that he didn't notice that Brady had left a couple of bucks amongst his belongings as a goodwill gesture. Good lad our Brady!


Step up noseblunt, Danny Brady. Oakland (click to enlarge)

dirty work by ronnie and rick

Dirty work by Rick Fabro and Ronnie Sandoval.

Charged with full-speed attack—it's a good thing Ronnie and Rick got the dirty work done on this rail (above) because right after Jon and Stevie handled some moves, including this burly Smith grind by Jon (below), the cops showed up and pretty much had us all cornered. Fortunately they were none the wiser about the Building G adjustment, and they told us to be on our way. Another close call in a life on the streets.


Jon Sciano, Smith grind. San Jose (click to enlarge)

Out on International Avenue life is raw and real. Cops and robbers, pimps, players, and … well you get the drift. Oaktown is not a joke town. This spot was in the back of a "mechanic" where cars get fixed. Nobody paid us too much mind, since skaters tend to do their thing and keep to themselves, but there were some heavy cats lurking around the way, that's for sure. A name you will be hearing more of in the future: James Capps got some heavy lurking of his own going on. After almost nailing a nosegrind pop out on this tall kicker ledge, Capps switched gears midsession and bagged this perfect kickflip frontside 50-50 like a well-off G if there ever was one.


Kickflip 50-50, James Capps. Oakland (click to enlarge)

Watching this kid skate in person is where it's at. The style is classic, but it's how the tricks follow each other that you don't see in many other skaters that makes him so special. Drop him into a pit like Lower Bob's and you will witness a pinball wizard that can generate speed outta nowhere.With his buddy Rick Fabro, together they take their loose trucks into lines that only a veteran can spot, yet they have the zing of teenagers.


Lien melon, Ronnie Sandoval. Lower Bob’s Oakland (click to enlarge)

Down below, Rick hippie hops a parking-lot gate just for kicks, while big Jon Sciano mugs in that beastly beauty style after an elbow-crushing slam

hippe hop rick

Hippie hop by Rick Fabro (click to enlarge).

mean mugging Jon Sciano

Mean mugging Jon Sciano

Jon and Ron horse around with Flat Malto in the parking lot, while Ronnie kicks his foot to the sky in San Jose outta the parking lot.jon and ron horse around

ollie north ronnie sandoval

Brady makes the fellas giggle with his sharp British wits, and in the corner pocket, Rick Fabro gets floaty in a Fresno backyard with a tucked frontside air.

britsh witt brady

rick fabro frontside air

Frontside air, Rick Fabro. Fresno (click to enlarge)

Stevie Perez is the man. Always on a good hype, singing a melody, rolling or bucking up on tall rails in a church, this fella handles his biz. After a couple of mean slams to the ribcage, "Flaco" put it all behind him and got the clean rideaway that would make any skater smile.


Switch crooked grind, Stevie Perez. San Jose (click to enlarge)

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