Lance Cyril Mountain ‘Multiple Personalities’ Art Show

I’m not a skate historian, but I’m pretty sure that Lance Cyril Mountain was the first child of a pro skateboarder to be in the limelight because of his father. I was a kid who started skating in the late 1980s and I feel like I have known Lance Cyril his whole life. When I started skating I saw the second and third Bones Brigade videos and Lance Mountain was instantly my favorite. He was a ripping pro who was silly and didn’t take anything too serious. And soon after I discovered him, I saw in the magazines and videos that he had a son. Baby Lance was in the interviews next to his dad and in Powell Peralta ads and videos. Little Lance even drew one of his dad’s most popular Powell graphics when he was 4 years old (It’s one of my personal favorite graphics, I have an original on my wall). As a kid I was surprised to learn Lance had a son, since he seemed like he was only a teenager—doing the math, he was around 20 when he had Lance Cyril.


Through the years, Lance Cyril skated and would get a photo ripping here and there, but the last few years he’s gotten into a broad range of creative outlets; he’s making ‘zines, doing graphic design, screen printing, shooting black and white photos, collecting and DJing old records from jazz to reggae, punk and blues, and he even has his own T-shirt and accessories project called Mountain Manor. And he’s still painting and drawing like he has been since a child. So it was only a matter of time until he had his first solo art show. “Multiple Personalities” opened just before his 29th birthday at The Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose, California this past weekend. He had over 80 pieces on display, ranging from small framed paintings with vivid colors and shapes, to very large more abstract color field paintings, as well as some photography, collage stuff, and a black and white ‘zine of his photos. Lots of great stuff on display and great people in attendance. The show is up through April 12, 2014 so come check it out in person or go to to view and purchase.

Words and photos by Erik Olsen


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