Last Words – Atiba

Last Show you attended: Herbie Hancock and Bobby Hutcherson me and my girl flew up to San Jose for the night, it was cool seeing two jazz heavyweights still doing there thing.

Last time you got wasted: 2 night’s ago for Lee birthday, Eric roll through for the after-party next time.

Last person you ate breakfast with: I don’t really do breakfast but I think it would have been with Marci at Fatty’s.

Last vehicle you bought: 2000 Cadillac Deville she’s pretty.

Last time you hated something: I don’t hate.

Last time you were in jail: Memphis 1995 ask Ron Whaley.

Last words of inspiration you heard:

Last time you wore a tie: Lee Dupont’s wedding it was the first time in my life I wore a tie.

Last book you read: Slam magazine

Last album you listened to: Tortoise TnT a classic everyone should own it.

Last time you thought you were going to die: I don’t think about dieing.

Last record you bought: The song Zimbabwe by Bob Marley my mom would play it a lot when I was a kid I got it off the apple music store $.99 I need togo to ameba.

Last country you visited: Finland on a Es trip.

Last time you cried: July 5, 2001 Keenan r.i.p.

Last piece of clothing that you bought: Magic Johnson Lakers jersey (Hardwood Classic) Jay sent me, it was free, so I don’t know if it counts but good lookin out.

Last time that you were in a car accident: When I clipped a dude and gave him a hipper, on my to the airport dropping off Marc Razo.

Last food that you ate: I would like to say Roscoe’s but it’s Newsroom I love them vegan chicken sticks.

Last promise you made to yourself: One more push faster and lean back or don’t lift your head.

Last dream you had: I had to take photo’s of Shaq’s house and he had a party and he had a Burger King in his house and Jessica Simpson was my assistant, I not sure where all that came from.

Last fight you had with Ako: Today on the golf course when he tried to tell me how to play.

Last TV show you watched: Elimidate

Last team sport you played: EA Sports NBA Live 2004

Last time that you were confused: Everytime I get film back.

Last time you felt inspired: When I got the chance to go work for the skateboard mag.

Last time you lied: To Ako on the golf course. (Chill out I’m just kidding)

Last good park you skated: My backyard.

Last time you got into a fight: Well I didn’t fight but some dude wanted too at my homie Danny Barone’s batchlour party.

Last person you talked to on the telephone: Marci or Lee.

Last time you were in hospital: I can’t remember I try to stay way from them they are bad for your health.

Last thing you lost: Ebay bid when Eric and I tried to get Lakers season tickets.

Last set up you put together: Koston board, Thunder trucks, Fillmore wheels (yeah Carroll), and Ellington shoes.

Last skate video you watched: Yeah Right

Last time you witnessed Anarchy: When P.j. skates.

Last time you went to the cinema (to see what?): For a showing of Spike Jonez dvd of his work everyone should go buy it, and Chris Cunningham and Michal Gondry.

Last contest you entered:

Last magazine you read: Slam Magazine (yeah Melissa)

Last time you got ripped off: Every time I hit the putting green or when I try hard flips.

Last song you listened to: Translocation Hot Water Music

Last game of golf you played: Ako, Eric, Busemi, at Rancho.

Last time you were betrayed: When my Tivo didn’t record Blinddate.

Last Poster pinned to your bedroom wall: Miles Davis poster.

Last website you visited: It was either Crailtap or NBA because those are the only one’s I goto, even though everybody would think Friendster but it sucks.

Last tattoo you got: Getting one on my forearm with Ako from my boy Scott Toy at Holy Roller’s in Colorado Springs.

Lasst time you got a ticket: Four day’s ago at the new spot in Compton and this is the list of people who got them Felix Argullies, P.j. Ladd, Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Ben Colen, Mike O’meally, Shelby Woods, Van Wastel, Scuba Steve, Mike Carrol, Pat Duffy, Eric Bork, and about 5 others who got away but I don’t wanna say there names in-case the cops are reading.

Last video part you were stoke on: Ty Evans and Gabe Morford Chomp on This homie’s put it down.

Last thing that made you laugh: Everytime I watch Martin.