Last Words Chad Bartie

Last Meat Pie:
One month ago in Australia. Steak with mash potatoes and peas on top-so good.

Last Religious Experience:
Reading about Aboriginal dreamtime and how they go on walkabouts across the country.

Last Thing You Had In Oz That You Couldn’t Get In The States:
An ice-cream bar called Golden Gay Time.

Last Good Round Of Golf You Played:
Been a while, got a new set of irons coming-look out.

Last Time Mumford Dragged You To The Bar:
Too long to remember.

Last Contest You Skated:
Game of SKATE against Jo Peaze. I never win.

Last Place You Felt You Didn’t Belong:
Tax man’s office.

Last Joke:
Sh-t, I can never remember jokes.

Last Jog:
About a week ago with some friends, it was funny.

Last Habit You Couldn’t Kick:
Worrying about stupid things.

Last Movie You Watched:
Harold And Maude.

Last Bad Advice Someone Gave You:
Directions while driving.

Last Ticket:
Parking ticket in Australia.

Last Time You Just Didn’t Care:
Where to eat. I’ll eat anything when I’m hungry.

Last Happiness:
Watching Oly Norris jogging.

Last Pair Of White Pants You Put On:
My signature Billabong white pants I wear nearly every time I skate.