Last Words – Colt Cannon

Last song you put on your iPod: “Lose My Breath”-Destiny’s Child.

Last show you attended: Vanilla Ice at a bar in Orlando.

Last person you ate breakfast with: Zack Mattos.

Last vehicle you bought: Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Last time you hated something: Four days ago, when I hurt my ankle.

Last night on the town: In Salt Lake, with my friend Antho.

Last words of inspiration you heard: “You got it right here, buddy!”-Lee Dog

Last time you wore a tie: Homecoming for my old high school.

Last book you read: Chicken Soup For The Soul.

Last time you thought you were going to die: Surfing in New Zealand-thanks, Dan.

Last country you visited: Argentina.

Last time you cried: About a month ago, listening to Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

Last piece of clothing you bought: Boxers from Gap.

Last time you were in a car accident: High school-got sideswiped.

Last food you ate: Supreme pizza-Pizza Hut Express.

Last promise you made to yourself: To stop having sex with random girls.

Last dream you had: I was dancing really good at some party, and girls were all into it.

Last TV show you watched: The Family Guy.

Last pet you had: Never had one.

Last team sport you played: Soccer.

Last time you were confused: Flying back home-“How do you spell orange?”

Last time you felt inspired: Watching Peter Ramondetta skate.

Last party you threw: Two years ago-eleven cops with guns out showed up.

Last good park you skated: Poway Skatepark-so good.

Last time you got into a fight: Middle school-Cody (older bro) beat my ass.

Last person you talked to on the telephone: Baby Ice.

Last time you were in the hospital: Two-and-a-half years ago-separated shoulder.

Last thing you lost: My watch-got a new one, though.

Last setup you put together: Pink CC board, polka dot Krux, Ricta wheels, and Swiss bearings.

Last time you surfed: About two weeks ago-gnarly four- to five-foot faces.

Last skate video you watched: YMCA Skate Camp promo video.

Last time you witnessed anarchy: When Greece won the Euro Cup.

Last movie you saw: Team America.

Last contest you entered: Goofy Versus Regular-goofy’s still better.

Last magazine you read: TransWorld-Paul Machnau cover. He’s gnarly.

Last time you got ripped off: Buying my watch.

Last song you listened to: “Freak Out”-Avril Lavigne.

Last time you were betrayed: When we wanted to go to downtown San Diego, the train didn’t open the doors.

Last poster pinned to your bedroom wall: Phil Shao-but it’s framed.

Last Web site you visited:

Last tattoo you got: Never got one.

Last thing you killed: Ants.

Last time you got a ticket: Parking in front of my house-B permits only.

Last video part you were stoked on: When Andy Dufresne escapes from prison-The Shawshank Redemption.

Last thing that made you laugh: Skin (Phillips), he’s a funny chap.

Last time something changed your life: When I picked up a skateboard.