Last Words – Diego Bucchieri

Last futbol game you attended: Boca Juniors versus Racing Club, Estadio Mundialista, Mar Del Plata. Boca won 1-0.

Last Web site you visited:

Last trick you learned: How to open a van when your keys are locked in it.

Last meal you cooked yourself: Salmon in a garlic, butter, and white-wine sauce-my favorite.

Last time you were in Argentina: Last April for my twenty-seventh birthday with my girlfriend Mabel.

Last major purchase: Two-bedroom condo in Long Beach-April 2003.

Last thing you built: My furniture from Ikea.

Last gift you gave: A mini Ipod to Mabel.

Last person who e-mailed you: Oliver Bartok.

Last time you hung with Ed Templeton: Five minutes ago-Indian restaurant in Louisville.

Last song you sang: Yesterday, I played “Cast No Shadow” Oasis with Josh’s guitar.

Last phone number you dialed: Mabel’s in Spain-yesterday.

Last pool you skated: Strawberry.

Last useless item you acquired: An Achilles-tendon stretcher-Rattray recommended it. It was useless. He agreed.

Last time you were starstruck: A few nights ago-Billy Marks’ sixteen-stair kickflip.

Last person who shot a photo of you: John Bradford-a few hours ago.

Last thing you broke: A board-five days ago. I never break them, though.

Last garage you hung out in: Ed’s-the day we left for this trip.

Last skate video you watched: The extra footage on the Menikmati DVD.

Last trick you couldn’t do: A switch double heelflip playing SKATE with Billy Marks.

Last person who beat you in SKATE: Billy.

Last thing you stole: I don’t steal.

Last time you embarrassed yourself: I’ve done it way too many times to even care anymore.

Last non-skate trip you went on: Argentina with Mabel.

Last team you cheered for: Boca Juniors-when they won the game a few weeks ago. It was great!

Last order you placed: Toy Machine boards with the new Boca Juniors monster graphic.

Last photo you took: A photo of Billy and his mustache.

Last video part you really liked: Geoff Rowley’s on the Flip DVD.

Last annoying habit you picked up: Try to get on as many trips as I can-it’s been going for a while. It’s a great habit.

Last magazine you read: Last Thrasher with Jamie’s tenth anniversary.

Last thing you threw: A bunch of fireworks-yesterday after we skated a park in Cincinnati.

Last instrument you played: Josh’s guitar.

Last car you rode shotgun in: The fifteen-seater van that we rented for this tour.

Last city you wanted to stay in: Sevilla, Spain.

Last sponsor you acquired: Osiris shoes-a while ago.

Last thing you discarded: Minidisc players-a few years ago.

Last hand gesture you made: “Save it”-to Ed.

Last book you didn’t finish: A book with photos of Europe-two days ago at Borders.

Last word you introduced into your vocabulary: Bung-scraper. When Ed said it, I couldn’t stop laughing.