Last photo of a loved one you acquired: My niece at ballet.

Last time you gave a bum change: F-k the homeless.

Last skate video you liked: 101’s Snuff.

Last time you stayed with Alex Moul: It’s been too long-see you soon, Mouly!

Last good tip somebody gave you: Lower your voice.

Last injury: Left ankle-not too long ago.

Last trick you surprised yourself with: Backside Smith.

Last hairstyle: Does a mustache count?

Last thing you should’ve saved: The mustache.

Last clothing purchase: Socks.

Last person you told to f-k off: My upstairs roommate John. But he never does, so that’s good I guess.

Last free meal: My girlfriend hooked it up from her job.

Last regret: I lost a real nice jacket-it meant more than it cost.

Last country visited: Australia.

Last TV show watched: I can’t remember.

Last shoes skated: Fallen.

Last skateboard you bought: A Gino 101.

Last song stuck in your head: “Lucky Star” by Madonna.

Last sponsor picked up: Rice-A-Roni.

Last run-in with the law: Knock on wood-not in two years.

Last non-skate you mag read: Jane.

Last thing you broke: The phone.

Last thing you fixed: The axle nut-you know, when the last one craps out.

Last hand gesture you made: “Forget about it.”

Last tattoo: An old Spitfire sitcker-a marine with a flamethrower.

Last time you felt uncomfortable: Trying to explain that tattoo.

Last good-luck charm: Good luck if you think good-luck charms are working.

Last pro skater you wondered about: Peter Ramondetta-if he made his flight.

Last video game you played: Hot Shots Golf Fore!-PS2.

Last best thing to hit skateboarding: “The Loop” and those nut hubcaps.

Last useless road-trip purchase: Turkey jerkey-yum?

Last photo you shot with Gabe Morford: Dorkin’ around in the alley.

Last movie you snuck into: Batman at the Westberry Drive-in, Long Island.

Last package you received: Fallen.

Last time you said “last time”: Just now.

Last person who looked out for you: Gabe Morford-he always looks out for me.

Last thought: Try not to think about overthinking this question.