Last Words Karl Watson

Last Words

Karl Watson

Last trip you went on: Camping on Catalina Island with my son Elan.

Last words Elan said to you: “I love you.”

Last meal you ate: A veggie dog.

Last board you bought: Ray Barbee Powell Peralta.

Last autograph you signed: Today at Non-Factory skate shop on an Organika board for a customer.

Last handrail you skated: Today.

Last album you listened to all the way through: Dead Can Dance, Aion.

Last sporting event you attended: Can’t remember-too long ago.

Last person you high-fived: Elan.

Last time you weren’t smiling: Today when I hit my knee on the rail.

Last sticker you stuck: An L-R-G sticker on my phone.

Last item you fixed: My computer.

Last gift you gave: Some gear to my girl.

Last person who was mad at you: I was mad at myself for hesitating on that rail.

Last am you were digging: Too many to chose from, but the one that stands out the most to me is Nyjah Huston. He’s the nine year old who feebled the Hollywood sixteen. Say what!

Last thing you wasted your money on: Taxes.

Last session at Pier 7: About six months ago with the Huston brothers.

Last time you were starstruck: When I was seated next to Tyra Banks at a cafà‡.

Last cover you graced: Slap magazine about two years ago.

Last movie you paid to see: White Chicks-and that was funnier than I thought it was going to be.

Last song you sung aloud: That one cool song by The Darkness.

Last great idea you executed: Moving to Los Angeles.

Last time you stopped yourself: Today in mid-flight on that rail.

Last contest you entered: Two years ago at Slam City Jam.

Last skate video you didn’t see: The last twenty 411s-unfortunately, too, because I like them.

Last friend who gave you good advice: My girlfriend.

Last thing you broke: Myself.

Last wedding you attended: The wedding of Troy and Leila Morgan.

Last book you read: The Shaman’s Apprentice.

Last thing you altered: My signature shoe for IPath.

Last pet you had: I had three cats, but one of them, Aztec, died recently.

Last embarrassing moment: When I passed gas at the dinner table.

Last homey who moved out of town: Lee Smith.

Last regret about moving to L.A.: Not enough hills.

Last time you felt victorious: Whenever I have a good day skating.