Last Words – Mike Maldonado

Last photo of a loved one you acquired: Two weeks ago I took a picture of my girl and my Saint Bernard Roxy together.

Last skate video you liked: Bootleg 3000-that shit’s gangsta.

Last words Elissa Steamer said to you: “I don’t want that shit.”

Last injury: A sprained thumb.

Last trick you surprised yourself with: Every time I land a trick.

Last hairstyle: Diesel.

Last thing you should’ve saved: The footy of the backside 180 over California Street in San Francisco.

Last fitted-hat purchase: A cream 76ers with Independence Hall on it.

Last person you told to f-k off!: It’s been a while, but I got some people to tell soon.

Last free meal: Breakfast at Dojo’s in NYC last week with Jay Plain and Pete-thanks, guys.

Last regret: Living in Los Angeles.

Last country visited: Australia.

Last TV show watched: Family Guy.

Last shoes skated: IPath-burgundy leather Grasshoppers.

Last skateboard you bought: A Plan B Sean Sheffey-and I was sponsored at the time.

Last song stuck in your head: The McGruff “Don’t Use Drugs” jingle.

Last sponsor picked up: Bootleg.

Last run-in with the law: NYC on the Red Bull tour.

Last non-skate magazine read: King.

Last thing you broke: My skateboard.

Last thing you fixed: Breakfast.

Last sweatshirt you cut the sleeves off of: An old clothing sponsor’s.

Last hand gesture made: Thumbs up.

Last tattoo: I’m a clean canvas.

Last time you felt uncomfortable: Riding back from NYC-my knees were cramped up.

Last good-luck charm: Dutch Master Corona Deluxe.

Last now-obscure pro skater you wondered about: I don’t.

Last video game played: True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

Last best thing to hit skateboarding: Not yet.

Last useless road-trip purchase: Some dud-ass fireworks.

Last movie you snuck into: Lost Boys.

Last package you received: IPath.

Last person who looked out for you: M. Plain.

Last thought: Ten minutes ago.