Last Words: Nyjah Huston

Nyjah Huston has taken more Street League prize money and gold medals than any other human on the planet. Guaranteed, his next win won't be his last either.—Kevin Duffel


LAST Trick Learned:
Nollie hardflips.

LAST Addition To The Garage:
Audi R8.

LAST Celebrity You Met Through Skateboarding:
Zac Efron.

LAST Favorite Street League Skater To Watch:
Ishod Wair.

LAST Favorite Song:
"Straight Up" by Future.

LAST Time You Met Another Person Named Nyjah:
A few months ago I was at an autograph signing, and someone named their son after me.

LAST Time You Had A Brand-New Complete:
One month ago.

LAST Video Part You Got Sparked On:
Moose's part in the Deathwish vid.

LAST Concert Attended:
A$AP/Rihanna concert.

LAST New Trick You Unveiled At Street League:
Kickflip hurricane.

LAST Thing You'd Do If You Knew The World Were Ending Tomorrow:
Drift my car off a cliff.

LAST Movie Watched:
Iron Man 3.

LAST Meal:
California Pizza Kitchen.

LAST Time You Wore Your 2012 SLS Championship Ring:
Two weeks ago at the Street League movie premiere in NYC.

LAST Time You Wore A Suit And Tie:
Wore one a month ago for my first time ever.

LAST Weirdest Thing You Got Asked By A Fan:
"Can you sign my car?"

LAST Trick You Did That Made The 9 Club:
Tre flip five-O in the Impact Section, Barcelona.

LAST Good Advice You Heard:
Do what you want to do, not what other people want you to do.

LAST Thing You Gave Up For Good:
Sleeping past noon every day.

LAST Hobby Acquired Outside Of Skateboarding:
Riding dirt bikes.

LAST Instagram Post:
Huntington Beach sunset.

LAST Superstition:
Have to wear red Ethika boxers in contests.

LAST Book You Read:
Can't remember—probably like three years ago.

LAST Trick You Filmed That You Did First Try:
Nollie front grind 18 rail.

LAST Favorite Trick You Witnessed At Street League:
Luan, nollie hardflip noseslide bigspin in Brazil; Mikey, switch 270 front board in Barcelona; Bastien, bigflip front board in Kansas City 2012; Shane, crook nollie flip boardslide in AZ 2012 I think.