Last Words Steve Alba

Last Words Steve Alba

Last book you read: Executive Orders by Tom Clancy. It’s amazing to read his stuff-it seems to be so current in the world’s issues, like he’s prophetic or something.

Last album you listened to: Will The Circle Be Unbroken? by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. It’s a reissue that features a lot of folk/bluegrass greats.

Last time you thought you were going to die: When I backflipped more than halfway up the 30-foot pipe trying to thrust frontside at the Calgary Millennium Park opening in front of thousands. It was because of slippery anti-graffiti spray coating applied to the surface the night prior to the event.

Last guitar you bought: Gibson Firebird, ’76 Reissue.

Last country you visited: Canada. I got strip-searched at the border-no cavity action, thank god.

Last time you cried: When I watched the second plane hit the Twin Towers (World Trade Center). I was so mad and bummed-I felt so sorry for all the innocent people who perished. I couldn’t help thinking, “What if that was me or my family?” Devastating.

Last piece of clothing you bought: Always at the thrift shop-a brown Hawai’ian shirt.

Last gig you went to: Blue Shadows.

Last time that you were in a car accident: Are you trying to jinx me? On the way to the Valley in ’94 with Kelly Belmar and John Nakama to meet John Swope The Ripper on the 210 East freeway. Some lady pulled in front of me and stopped in the right lane trying to merge to the exit.

Last food that you ate: Mexican, my favorite-fish tacos.

Last dream you had: Don’t remember.

Last TV show you watched: The Shield.

Last computer program you bought: Never bought one.

Last team sport you played: Baseball with the kids. I manage and coach my son’s Little League team called the Marlins-Hurley clothing sponsors us.

Last time you were confused: I don’t really get confused-I get sidetracked.

Last time you felt inspired: Every time I ride with Farm Boy or Slob. They bring out the best in you.

Last time you lied: I don’t lie. I might embellish a little here and there. I get that from my mom.

Last good park you skated: Louisville, Kentucky, for sure-thanks, Zach!

Last time you got into a fight: On Memorial Day 2002-no respect.

Last park you skated: O.C. (Orange County, California) Combi every Tuesday with the boys.

Last magazine you read: Guitar Player.

Last good tip someone gave you: There’s a new pool in Rialto.

Last person you talked to on the telephone: The wife.

Last time you were in hospital: I got stitches in my elbow from slamming-I locked up on a lipslide I thought I had.

Last car you bought: The wife’s Toyota from Bob Ballou.

Last skate video you watched: Greg Weaver’s old-school one with Baldy and L-pool in it.

Last time you witnessed anarchy: Memorial Day 2002.

Last movie you saw at the theater: Star Wars Episode 2 with the li’l guys. Rye-Rye (his son) is a Star Wars nutcase.

Last contest you entered: The Basic (Skateboards) clover deal (pool contest)-got fifth and 50 bucks.

Last photo shoot you went on: French TV deal.

Last time you got ripped off: I’m the most ripped-off skater of all time.

Last pool you skated: Chino Andy’s pool.

Last song you listened to: The one I made up last night.

Last time you were betrayed: It happens once a week at least-there are vultures out there picking up on all the scraps.

Last poster pinned to your bedroom wall: U.S.B.R. dam.

Last tattoo you got: Not since the 80s.

Last camera you bought: A Canon from a pawn shop. The one I bought from (Chris) Ortiz got ripped off at Orangewood.

Last time you thought about going to war: Every day.

Last photo you took: Chris Miller at Baldy-wish I was closer.

Last time you got a ticket: On March 10, 2002-1,511 dollars worth for trespassing.

Last pair of shoes you bought: Creepers.<