Last Words with Mark Appleyard

Last Words
Mark Appleyard

Last book you read: Siddhartha, back in school. It’s a pretty cool book. I started to read a Jim Carrey book, but I decided it was too strenuous.

Last album you listened to: The Animals, The Best Of The Animals.

Last time you thought you were going to die: Flying back from New Zealand, the turbulence started to get a little crazy.

Last time you had sex: It’s been too long, a month and half. No wait … four nights ago.

Last thing you bought: Croissant at the store in the airport, it kinda upset my stomach. It’s too early to be eating.

Last country you visited: Japan, I really gotta take a shit.

Last time you cried: When I got lost in Canada’s Wonderland-D.I.’s land-and couldn’t find my mom. I was bummed. That was last year, no, ten (years ago).

Last piece of clothing you bought: I bought a beanie off this lady who knits them-a hand-knitted beanie from a hippie.

Last gig you went to: Eek-A-Mouse in Santa Ana, California, and it was amazing. Women love Eek-A-Mouse. I was getting my reggae on.

Last time you were in a car accident: Brian Sumner, his wife and son, Barry, and I flipped the car twice and landed in hurricane position on the guard rail. There was a hundred-foot drop on the other side. Every day has been amazing since.

Last TV show you watched: King Of The Hill, right before I left on a trip.

Last team sport you played: About a month ago, I traded some boards for baseball gloves and a ball. I played some catch with my homey.

Last time you were confused: All the time. When I showed up to the last demo, there was nothing there to skate.

Last time you felt inspired: When I heard the story about this guy taking his kid’s arm out of a shark’s mouth, and then going to the hospital to have the put arm back on.

Last time you lied: I lied to Ryan (Reis, team manager for C1RCA) to get out of a Canada trip. I told him I had to make a dental appointment. I hope major shoe sales in Canada don’t go down.

Last good park you skated: The Volcom warehouse.

Last time you got into a fight: I’ve never been in physical fight in my life, but the last time I got in a fight was with this girl I’m kinda seeing.

Last magazine you read: It’s going to sound like a suck-up, but it was the TransWorld with Marc Johnson on the cover. It had a Brandon Biebel interview in it-I love that guy.

Last good tip someone gave you: This kid drew a picture of me and gave it to me at a shop. It had “Board hard or leave” written on it.

Last person you talked to on the telephone: My brother in the Cayman Islands.

Last time you were in hospital: Two years ago-a split chin from sliding out on an over-waxed ledge.

Last car you bought: A BMW off Arto. It was a good deal-a deal of convenience.

Last skate video you watched: I watched Ban This the other day.

Last time you witnessed anarchy: When I threw a T-shirt into the crowd at a demo women were getting trampled.

Last movie you saw at the theater: Austin Powers Goldmember.

Last contest you entered: Slam City 2001, I’m kinda off contests.

Last photo shoot you went on: Last night with Skin and Jon Holland in Berkeley. Madness was flowing, it was too dark.

Last time you got ripped off: When I bought a CD and it wasn’t the one I expected it was.

Last song you listened to: Some random Shabba Ranks song on the plane.

Last time you were betrayed: When I got denied a loan on a house and I’d already left my apartment.

Last poster pinned to your bedroom wall: A picture of Ace Ventura with a monkey on one shoulder and a parrot on the other. I got it at a swap meet.

Last camera you bought: A TRV 900 video camera. I’m going to make a comedy.

Last time you thought about going to war: I wouldn’t go to war. Make love, not war.

Last photo you took: A picture of my brother and my mom in the Cayman Islaands.

Last time you got a ticket: I got a parking ticket in front of Geoff Rowley’s house about a week ago. Who reads signs?

Last pair of shoes you bought: Low-cut Wallabees, I haven’t worn them since.