Lavender Diamond, Imagine Our Love

Lavender Diamond
Imagine Our Love

Lavender Diamond writes weirdly perfect pop songs in the vein of Burt Bacharach, Dusty Springfield, The Carpenters, and the almighty Scott Walker. With a statement this bold, in a better world our review could stop right here. Your ass would be rushing to the record shop, like, pronto. However, we here at TransWorld know that unless its either Belle & Sebastian or Cat Power, skateboarders aren’t too quick to set aside their general disdain for all things “pop. So, buddies, buck up—you’re in good hands. Imagine Our Love arrives via Matador Records, the same label that’s brought you your precious B&S and Chan Marshall all these years. This is not radio-ready pop music. This is not even B-team indie pop à  la Rilo Kiley. This is joyful music, awash in tender vibes and emanating a genuine sense of wonder. If you have a soul, Becky Stark’s voice will move you. If not, oh well. Die, wretch.—Arlie Carstens