This is the video we showed at our Skate Awards in February just before Tommy came onstage (and every other skater in the audience) to receive his Legend Award. Check out interviews with Lance Mountain, Mike Carroll, Jim Thiebaud, and more, plus a bunch of classic TG footage.

Video by Dan Wolfe, photo by Claudine Gossett

Within skateboarding’s history, the real story is always a little muddled: who did what, where and when, how this influenced that, and so on and so forth. San Francisco-born and -raised Tommy Guerrero was not the first street skater, but he was the first marketed street skater, and he was the first pro to have a street model. Than in itself changed everything. Little did we know how much those opening lines in 1985’s Future Primitive would evolve in to modern skateboarding as we know it today.

Despite his vast influence on the board, his guitar, or behind the scenes at Deluxe, Tommy has never been somebody who feels the need for awards or public recognition. He sees himself as a skateboarder, first and foremost, and always has. So when called upon the stage at this year’s Skate Awards to accept the Legend Award, the first thing Tommy did was invite every “dirty street skater” up there to share it with him. But what we didn’t realize is our first invite was already on our screens decades ago.—Skin Phillips

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