Legendary Achievement Award – Steve Caballero

Of all the awards given out, the Legend award is the only one actually selected by the editorial staff. So what’s the criteria for meeting the demands of “Legend”? In Steve’s case, it’s being on a skateboard as a sponsored skater in four different decades (70s, 80s, 90s, 00s), being an OG member of the Bones Brigade, still skating in contests (2004 Slam City Jam) at almost 40 years old (sorry, Steve, we didn’t mean to blow your cover), having the best lien method air in skateboarding, inventing a trick that nearly every skateboarder utilizes today (Caballerial), and having your name on a board for nearly 25 years. We couldn’t ask for any more than what Steve has contributed to skateboarding, and Steve couldn’t have asked skateboarding for a better time. It’s all in the eternal smile-Steve Caballero, true legend … and not stopping anytime in the foreseeable future.