Legends and Current Pros Rip Up Soul Bowl

Duane Peters, Omar Hassan, Tony Magnussen, and Lyn-Z Adams take top honors in Soul Bowl. This past weekend the Mervyn’s/Target Soul Bowl contest went down in Hermosa Beach, California. The Bowl is part of a festival with Volleyball, BMX, inline, skate and ton’s of scantily clad people checking out the action on the beach. It’s a family event but there are bars right there on the beach and plenty of parties on Saturday night. It’s actually one of the most fun contests to check out. The atmosphere is pretty chill and tons of old timers come from out of the woodwork for the Masters and Grandmasters Class. If you like skating and the beach, you should check it out sometime.

The bowl itself was like a halfpipe, bent in the middle, with bowled off ends. Now imagine a radical age range of skaters, from 12 year-old Cara D’Agostino to 46 year-old Don Hamilton. Whoa, wait, 46? Yep Don Hamilton has been skating for over 40 years, sick. Winning definitely took halfpipe skills but bowl or pool riding skills were necessary, too. The old skaters were all over the bowl action. Some modern vert skaters stay away from this type of contest since they are not familiar with carving so much. It seemed a little hard to find hella speed in the bowl but everyone had a blast none-the less. The finals were all in Jam format, which is fun to watch due to the collision/joust factor. The skaters have to be aggressive to get runs in this no rules/no order format. They just session for 30 minutes and the best person wins.

“Omar is wearing long sleeves because he has so many tricks up his sleeve Is what announcer Dave Duncan had to say about Omar Hassan. Dave was right; Omar had many tricks and even took a run that was 1 minutes long when most people were lucky to go 45 seconds. Omar had some 540’s, slides through the corners, Madonnas and some lofty airs going towards a first place finish. Brian Patch was super fast and used the bowl features as well as Omar, but lacked the amount of tricks, consequently Brian finished 2nd. Jake Brown went the highest and did some very tech tricks, like 720’s and double kickflip mute grabs. Jake did not use the corners as much so he got third.

Next up was the best trick contest. Chad Vogt won this event last year but was taken out this year but Tony Mag. Vogt was trying a Nollie Kickflip Boardslide before the collision. With out Chad in the way, Jake Brown was clear to win with his Double Kickflip Mute grab. The Ladies event was the final event for Saturday. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins has been working on her skate skills and today it paid off, she won with some nice backside Airs and Bowl work. Oregon bowl ripper, Jessica Starkweather, took 2nd and Clairemont Skatepark local, Mimi Knoop, took 3rd. I think Mimi was the only girl to 50/50 through the corners. With Saturdays events over many people went to The Chlorine video premier, a sick pool skating documentary. Others went home.

Sunday was the Grey Hair day; all the old guy events took place on Sunday. These guys may be past their glory days but man, they can still rip. The Masters Division went first; these were the skate hero’s of the 80’s. Tony Magnussen just turned 40 but he could still turn 540’s, 5-0’s to fakie and go like 5 feet out. T. Mag scored any easy 1st place. Cab has had the longest running shoe model and his smooth skating showed that he still deserves a shoe model. All I know is that Cabs Frontside Inverts are sick as are his patented Flip Indy air’s, 2nd place. Aaron Astorga usually judges events like the X Games; today he was on the other side, doing big airs and kick ass lip tricks to 3rd place in the Masters division.

The Grandmasters were probably the most competitive group of the day. Their final jam session was very hectic, usually with 2-3 guys in the bowl at once until 2 fell out. Whoever was left got to take a run. Salba is the pool ruler of the worlld. Mr. Alba worked the pool like no one else. Steve got 3rd place for his efforts. I felt he might have deserved 2nd or 1st but f-it, what do I know. Duane Peters is amazing to watch. If you get a chance to watch him skate, do it. Duane has tattoos everywhere, he’s missing teeth and his skating is powered by skill and sheer determination. Duane tries trick that no one else would think of, sometimes he pulls the tricks and sometimes he goes straight to the flat. For example, Duane would roll out onto the extension (4′ of vert), sit on the deck on his tail and disaster right back in, sketchy. Imagine this type of stuff for 20 minutes, add the other skaters and you get one of the best sessions, ever. Duane got 1st place for his efforts. Old time Midwest ripper worked his way to 2nd place. Overall, a great time, be sure to check out the Soul Bowl if you get a chance. The Soul Bowl will be traveling to London, Huntington Beach and Virginia Beach this year. For a complete schedule, check out www@wcsk8.com. See you guys out in some pool!

Boost Mobile Skateboard Best Trick

1. Jake Brown – Double Kickflip Mute Air

2. Omar Hassan – Double Heelflip Fronstide Air through the elbow corner

3. Ruda Lopes – Cab Nosegrind Revert

Young Guns, 30 and under

1. Omar Hassan

2. Brian Patch

3. Jake Brown

4. Bruno Passos

5. Matt Moffett

6. Chad Vogt

7. Danny Meyer

8. Ruda Lopes

9. Sergie Ventura

10. Benjuà­ Galloway

11. Fabio Frugis

12. Chad Shetler

Masters, 31+

1. Tony Manussen*

2. Steve Caballero*

3. Aaron Astorga

4. Jake Piasecci

5. Eric Nash

6. Sasha Steinhorst

7. Steve Salisian

8. Dean Randall

*Both Mag and Cab are old enough to be the Grand Masters but they are so good they get put in the Masters Class

Grand Masters 37 and up

1. Duane Peters

2. Brian Mank

3. Steve Alba

4. Chris Cook

5. Mike Smith

6. Eric Grisholm

7. Bruce Martin

8. Dave Hackett

9. Dave Duncan

Ladies Bowl

1. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins

2. Jessica Starkweather

3. Mimi Knoop

4. Nicole Zuck

5. Tina Neff

6. Heidi Fitgerald

7. Holly Lyons

8. Kim Petersen