Levi’s Spring 2014 Skateboarding Collection: Closer Look

What makes a Levi’s Skateboarding jean better for skating?

Levi's has really raised the bar this year with their new skateboarding jeans. After consulting with skaters around the country and pulling together a slew of complaints and concerns about current products out there, Levi's looked back to its 160 years of heritage and redesigned these guys from the ground up. They were able to combine form, function, durability, and flexibility into a perfect balance, which will let you take some nasty spills without tearing your new threads. Additionally they look awesome, so there's no need to go home after a skate session to change before heading out. Levi's has really lived up to their slogan, "Strong Made Stronger".

What are some of the product details and new technology?

In terms of technology, these jeans are featuring some of the most advanced clothing technology out there. The fabric is woven with a high quality Lycra product called T400, and Cordura, which means more mobility, and more durability; both huge factors for skaters who like to keep a pair of pants for longer than a shred session. These jeans are the pinnacle of a durable, flexible, skate friendly jean. There isn't another jean out there that can deliver what this new line can. These jeans are made for skateboarders and exclusively sold at skate shops, staying true to the sport. Find a store.

What range of fits is Levi’s offering?

Levi's pulled out all of the stops this year and extended the new skate line technology to more fits than ever before. This includes the super slim 511, straight 513, and classic 504. For purely skating purposes we recommend the classic 504, but if you are looking to skate and then go out and impress check out the 511s.

Here’s a great look at the functional variety that Levi's is offering to the skate community.

Classic Levi's riveting, making stronger jeans.

Reinforced stitching on the cuffs, just another example of Strong Made Stronger.

Killing it in Oakland.

With the drop of Levi's Spring 2014 line, skateboarding veteran photographer and director Jon Humphries wanted to capture his experiences of skating in his native San Francisco bay area. Oakland was the obvious choice; the often overlooked little brother to SF is just across the bay, and has its own skate culture, history, and vibe. Between the gnarly falls and gritty backdrop for this video, if gives an incredible feel for how Levi's is completely intertwined into the skate world. This video captures the heart of the city of Oakland after hours, its unique place in the bay area skate scene, and the rawness of its essence, all next to picturesque, big bro, San Francisco.

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