If you didn’t already know, Chima Ferguson had a healthy 10-pager in our September issue. Crazy to think that this Sydney native has not slowed down whatsoever since his opening part in Propeller dropped last year—a true maniac.

Here you’ll find two of Chima’s latest Real pro models, which can both be found on the walls of your favorite skate shops now. The My Favorite Pro deck is a bonus if you’re a Lucas Puig fan or if you’re the simple type, the Waves deck is a clean alternative.

Chima’s new Vans signature model, the Estate, is also seen here in two unique, new colorways as well as a little sampler of his new signature Vans apparel collection, featuring classic blue tones and signature wofl logo patcwork. Look for any and all of these items at your local shop or online at vans.com. —Brian Blakely