Lords Of The New

Lords Of The New

Now that you’ve caught up on the skaters who’ve shaped the magazine over the last twenty years, it’s time to give you a teaser of what’s in store for the next twenty. There’re so many new kids killing it at this moment in time. Dudes like P.J. Ladd, Mark Appleyard, Tony Trujillo, Ryan Sheckler, Brian Wenning, Paul Rodriguez, Mikey Taylor, Spanky, Brian Herman, Billy Marks, Jon Allie, Greg Lutzka, Corey Duffel, Bryan London, Florentin Marfaing and … shit, we could go on for days. And this is just the beginning of a whole new generation of skateboard maniacs. I think I’m getting scared!-D.S.

Young and looking to whoop some ass, Evan Hernandez is quickly creeping into the minds of everyone. Lipslide in Mexico. Photo: Shad

No one is debating the fact that Paul Rodriguez has all the skills and style needed to be one of the best. Switch crooks somewhere in the San Fernando Valley. Photo: Atiba

Clear out of the way ’cause Peter Ramondetta is coming up quick. Big-time salad grind in Tacoma, Washington. Photo: Uyeda

Not many thirteen year olds skate like Ryan Sheckler. This kid’s gonna be something special. Kickflip pipe transfer in Pala, California. Photo: Stratton

The Devil’s Spawn, Dustin Dollin, is a skateboard machine comin’ out of the hills from down under. Double-set backside 50-50 attack in Melbourne, Australia. Photo: Mapstone