Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
Xbox 360
**** (4.5/5)
Set in a subzero, The Day After Tomorrow-ish planet, you play a mysterious warrior named Wayne. But it doesn’t stop there: The leader of an insect-like alien race has wilded out a little too far by killing Wayne’s dad. Oh no you didn’t!
GAMEPLAY: There’s plenty of third-person combat, exploration, and mission-based action going on, in enormous (and enormously dazzling), postapocalypse environments. You’re gonna have to be patient with the aiming system in multi-player mode, though, because your buddies ain’t hanging around for you to adjust your crosshairs.
GRAPHICS: With its wildly detailed planetscapes and explosions, Extreme Condition will be one of the sharpest next-gen games you’ll see. But I still think the weaponry is a little underpowered. Sometimes, brainless nuclear-style annihilation is comfort food.
SOUND: I’m a big fan of well-orchestrated ambience, and this game’s got it up the wazoo. The distinctive fire from each weapon is pleasing to my blown eardrums, too.
ENTERTAINMENT: You can’t really go wrong with all out war in inhospitable settings. And when you throw in a solid storyline and startlingly real graphics, well, that’s worth the coin in my book. (Just make sure to start saving said coins soon, because this one ain’t cheap.)—Clay Staeshon