Luckyiam, Most Likely To Succeed

Most Likely To Succeed

On every skate mission to the Bay between 1998 and 2002, I would drag whoever I was with onto the B.A.R.T. to Berkeley just to just walk down Telegraph Avenue and hope to run into somebody slanging tapes. True, this took time away from the skate mission at hand, but it was worth it. I’ve been a fan of The Living Legends forever. I guess what I’m trying to illustrate above is that I’m bummed to hear singing from Marty James, and even more sad to hear sock jocks like Mickey Avalon on this album. If it was not for those two, this CD would’ve been great.

Luckyiam did, however, redeem itself by including Aesop and Slug on the “Borrowed Time track. Not to mention he brought that classic Legends niche of dropping science with solid flowing all the while he is cracking you up with samples (in this album’s case, Space Balls and Half Baked).

Overall, I have a love/hate relationship with this album. It’s by far not Lucky’s best work, but at the same time, it’s intriguing though disappointingly below the standards that I hold for the Legends and Lucky himself. I felt betrayed to see such a core crew go to the R&B format of singing, as if Lucky is trying to appeal to some mainstream bullsh-t crowd that watches American Idol.—Nate Sherwood