Marseille Days

1. Omar Hassan
2. Alex Coccini
3. Tony Trujillo
4. Benji Galloway
5. Alex Giraud
6. Chris Senn
7. Julien Benoliel

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Big ups to everyone that came out and braved the heat for three days straight. Dave Duncan is still the best contest MC, especially after he’s done announcing. Brent Atchley and Dylan Rieder will be threats in years to come. The local boys (the Alexs and Julien) look way to comfortable cruising those bowls at mach 5. This was honestly the most difficult contest to judge I’ve ever seen. The jam sessions in the semis and finals were some of the best skateboarding I’ve ever seen. Special thanks to Mark Oblow, Sasha Steinhorst, and Jasper for making sure everyone was taken care of. And Zac Leeks from Crossfire, you’re a funny bastard.