The top 16 ams went head-to-head today in two-man, four-minute heats here in Huntington Beach. The competition was tough, but Dylan Witkin took top honors with basically a four-minute run. He barely stopped skating in his jam and landed almost everything he tried. His impression on the judges was obvious. Flip’s Oscar Meza got second and got himself on Nike. Jon Consentino took third.

In the Best Trick 20-minute jam, Sebo Walker won it with an insane 360 shove-it to Smith grind down the hubba. Alec Majerus impressed the judges with a switch frontside 270 to frontside bluntslide that he made look too easy. Our new favorite skater, Blake Carpenter from Florida, got third with a nollie heelflip crooked grind. Check out the action brought to you by Matador. Check out the photos.

Video by Chris Thiessen, photo by Shigeo.