McRad, FDR


Wow, McRad is back. Or more correctly, Chuck Treece has decided to revisit his old band’s moniker and sound (while otherwise moonlighting from his main gig as an outstanding session musician for the likes of Sting, Billy Joel, and Jadakis). For those not aware of “skate rock or of Treece’s history in skateboarding, the two go hand in hand. Treece was once a pro skater for Powell. He had a defining skate-rock band named McRad. Back in the mid 80s to early 90s, schralpers by the tens-of-thousands made mixed tapes featuring tunes by Drunk Injuns, Faction, Beyond Possession, JFA, Los Crudos, Agent Orange and… McRad. As a genre, the scene sort of came and went with the early days of team videos (The Search For Animal Chin, Shackle Me Not, etc.). In general, skate-rock bands either sounded semi-punk, hardcore, or metal—you know, music that’d get you stoked to session. Anything with driving beats, buff riffs (usually played over and over), and lyrics vaguely anti-establishment, lewd, funny, or odes to “getting rad was pretty much labeled skate rock. FDR sounds like the last twenty years never happened. Whee!—Arlie Carstens