It’s ironic. Danny Way, the first person to be the subject of a Michael Blabac skateboard photograph over fifteen years ago, is the same person Mike’s spent most of 2003 shooting. Of course he didn’t know Danny back in 1989, and he couldn’t even get the credentials to get on top of the vert ramp, but that’s probably because he didn’t quite know how to use his camera back then.

A good six years after Mike first shot Danny, and after “marinating,” as he puts it, in his Michigan apartment for two years, he made his way out to San Francisco and met people like Justin Girard, Aaron Meza, and Scott Johnston. Justin gave him a job at Mad Circle, Aaron introduced him to San Francisco, and Scott just told him he needed to shoot more.

Ten years down the road, and after working for Mad Circle, Girl, and currently working for DC Shoes—capturing images that ingrain themselves in our minds forever—it’s safe to say Mike Blabac has done more than something. Not bad for a kid from the Midwest.—Eric Stricker