Legendary lensman and TransWorld Senior Photographer Mike Blabac just posted his favorite TWS covers that he’s shot on his site, put an insightful story next to each one, and made prints available for purchase! Own a piece of skate history! Have a look at them below and then click over to blabacphoto.com.

Danny Way, method 540. October 2003 cover.

Wes Kremer, frontside 360. November 2011 cover.

Wes Kremer, darkslide. June 2013 cover.

Guy Mariano, backside tailslide. Warp Magazine 1998 cover.

Sean Malto, frontside feeble grind. 2006 cover.

Eric Koston, backside noseblunt-slide. TransWorld 1998 Photo Annual cover.

Danny Way, backside five-O. September 2002 cover.