Minus The Bear, Interpretaciones Del Oso

Minus The Bear
Interpretations Del Oso
Suicide Squeeze
* (1.5 out of 5)

I’m no great fan of remix albums. They more or less reek of self-indulgence. Or, you know, they can also be symptomatic of a band that has just plain run out of material. The record label, perhaps, is trying to squeeze a little more life out of an album. Then you have these “producers with names like Oktopus, and Alias, and Tyondai Braxton who are basically nothing but personified self-indulgence. The record company says to them, “Dudes! Can you make this song sound different from how it originally sounded? We’ll both make a quick couple bucks without really having to do anything.
I mean, sure, there are good remix albums. Isis put out an awesome remix album a while back. But this Minus The Bear remix sounds exactly like a 311 album in places, which basically makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. It’s wildly uneven, though, because of the varied production. There’s seriously like one good song on this album. Which I guess still makes it better than that Kevin Federline album.—Andreas Trolf