Caswell is no stranger to deadlines of major videos. He’s been out in the streets of San Jose putting down last minute tricks right up until the filming deadline for Never Gets Old. Several years in the professional ranks has given Cas the refined and mature outlook on the state of skate videos that is always good to hear. Sidelined for a few weeks due to a freak stray cat bite that he thought might have been rabies, Caswell sat down and gave us his candid thoughts on this upcoming Osiris video and his plans for the end of the world.

Interview by Blair Alley

Frontside 360 ollie. Photo: Chami

How is filming going for this video?
Good. Last night was the last day of filming. I went out to get this last minute ollie, luckily it happened. Then we went to another spot and started getting rained on, so I guess that was the official, "You're done."

That's it? Yesterday was the deadline?
Yeah, as far as I know, for the premiere copy. I think if we get some last minute tricks we can throw them in later. Jim (Kappel) said Sunday was the last day for filming.

Are you looking forward to the first major video edited by Jim Kappel?
Yeah, for sure man. Should be interesting.

You've known Jim for a long time, haven't you?
Maybe a couple years actually. I know Jerry and Louie worked with him before when they used to ride for Osiris, so they've known him longer than I have.

Who have you been filming and skating with in San Jose?
The filmer I usually work with is Carson Lee. He was doing filming for enjoi for a while and now he's freelance. I like to work with him. I like the way he films and I trust his opinion. Like if I ask him, "Do you think I got it?" And he tells me "yeah," I totally believe him. I've worked with some people where they're like "Yeah, you got it man!" They're just saying that because they want to get the footage. It's really comfortable working with Carson.
As far as who I've been skating with, mainly just Peter Raffin, he's filming for the video too. It's good when we team up and skate because we work with each other and give our thoughts. Like, "Well I don't know if that would be good for the video. Maybe you wanna spice it up with this, or leave this out."

Backside bigspin, photos: Chami

The rumor is that Raffin really turned it up in the last few weeks of filming.
Yeah, that's what I heard too. I was hearing stories and stuff. I missed three weeks of filming because I got sick. I got some bacteria infection from a cat bite. I couldn't skate, which was driving me nuts, stressing me out. When it comes down to a deadline, you always want to do as much as possible, but with skateboarding, you can't really say it and do it, it's just a matter of getting it done. You never know if you're walking away from a spot with a trick. That three weeks, from what I hear, he was gettin' some shit done.

Was it a stray cat or your own cat?
Stray cat. That was the most f—ked up thing about it. We didn't know anything about the cat. It was living in a colony of cats and there was a skunk living with them, and skunks and bats are the number one carriers of rabies. So I was like stressing out super hard thinking I possibly had rabies. If you read up on it, once you have symptoms of rabies, it's too late to get help—and you're dead [laughs].

So if it wasn't rabies, it was just some other type of infection?
Yeah, I got blood tests done and all this crap. The thing that really nailed it down was the center for disease control or something called me. They weren't supposed to, but my mom was freaking out because I went straight to the hospital after a week or two. The lady on the phone said, "I'm not supposed to tell you this, but the cat didn't have it [rabies]." You're supposed to have the vet contact you and tell you that you're safe, but the lady gave us good information. Hooked it up.

Damn, so you had to bring in the cat too, to get it tested with you [laughs]?
Well, that's a whole different story. In order to test an animal for rabies you basically have to chop its head off and test the brain.

Holy shit.
We actually had to put the cat down anyways, because it had some birth defects where it couldn't breath properly.

Nollie noseslide. Photo: Chami

Yeah, it was pretty nuts. It was a stressful three weeks.

Let's change the subject, but on the subject of animals, how much of an impact does Falcor (Carson Lee's dog) have on the session?
Oh yeah, Falcor's tight. She gives me doggy love and doggy luck. I always pet her if I'm having a stressed out moment. She hooks it up and makes sure your stress level is lower. You realize that there's a world outside of skateboarding and you just gotta calm down for a little bit sometimes. She's a must have, she's been on some skate trips—she's a veteran.

So you follow her (@falcor408) on Instagram I take it?
I don't have Instagram, but all the homies do. I didn't even know she had her own Instagram. She met Fabio, you saw that photo right?

I did see that—so good. Are you gonna have a full part in the video?
F—k yeah, man! I haven't seen it yet—I usually don't even like to see that stuff until the final outcome anyways, but I might actually just take a look-see to see what Jim is doing.

Who's footage are you looking forward to on the team?
Everybody. You don't see what everyone is doing when you're not on a trip, and even sometimes on a trip, you don't see what they're doing. There's a whole culmination of different styles so it should be good. I'd like to see Peter's shit, just to see it all together. JT (Aultz) of course, because he likes to jump down some big gaps and handrairings.

How long have you been filming for this part?
I think two years.

Where did you film besides San Jose?
South America, in like five different countries down there. Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil. I know Vegas, and a couple other places. Some East Coast probably.

What are you going to start working on now that the Osiris video is wrapped?
I have an enjoi part to film for that I've been filming for simultaneously with the Osiris stuff, so I guess straight from this right into that.

Is enjoi doing a full-length or are you filming a solo part?
I think it's a full-length, I sure hope so. I'm not too big on these internet parts and all that crap. Shit just gets lost in the shuffle and the madness of the internet. That shit just stresses me out. I like to have hard copies of things too so you can go back and see it. On the internet, you never know where the hell it's going and how long it's going to be there. And one part man, it's just kind of a let down. I don't like that stuff. I'm sure a lot of people like it and the convenience is great, but I like the good ol' video days.

I agree. It's good to know that enjoi and Osiris are doing full-length videos. Do you have a release date or deadline for that one yet?
The end of the world? I don't know, whatever the date is for that. Whenever the suspected end of the world is coming, that's the date.

That's only two months away.
Oh, well then, shit. Maybe a little longer [laughs].

Photo: Chami

Get ready for the worldwide premiere of Osiris' full length video Never Gets Old premiering right here on, November 12.