Mouthing Off: JT Aultz

Osiris has a full-length video dropping in November, and you’ll have the chance to watch it here on, on November 12. In the coming weeks leading up to the release we’ve got a bunch of treats from the team that we’ll be releasing. Every week you’ll get an exclusive interview with one of the Osiris teamriders discussing the video and what’s going on in the final leg of filming. First up is San Diego’s rock-solid pro, JT Aultz.

This interview took place on a 91-degree Sunday in Escondido, California on the last day of September, after just getting kicked out of a spot by three serious loser security guards, all cruising in one golf cart. We retreated to some nameless Mexican restaurant in a nearby strip mall to have a brew and watch the remaining football games on. The Chargers whooped the Chiefs earlier in the morning, so our crew was in generally good spirits. We lost in the streets, but won on the gridiron.

We also had the pleasure of Jim Kappel, Osiris filmer and editor of Never Gets Old, sitting next to us at the bar. Jim and JT go way back, Jim used to film JT when they were both in middle school, so don't be surprised when these two start arguing like an old married couple. A year after a critical head injury, JT hasn’t skipped a beat, he’s as pure a skate rat as any, even if he can’t smell his daughter's dirty diapers.

Interview by Blair Alley

Ollie. Photo: Hainault

What's the name of your Fantasy Football team?
We're the Toxic Toads. I don't really like Fantasy Football though because it makes you root against your own team. Like I'm supposed to be rooting for Dwayne Bowe today, but I am not rooting for Dwayne Bowe.

How are the Chargers gonna do this year?
They're gonna do good! 3-1 is a good start.

Who did you get to gloat to today since the Chargers beat the Chiefs?
Aaron [Chilen]. I've been texting him all day talking shit. It's awesome.

So how much more time do you have to film for the video?
A month.

Does it feel like deadline pressure?
Yeah, a little bit.

How about for you, Jim?
Jim Kappel: Yeah, It's all about delegating time properly. I want to be out filming when I can, but at the same time, I need to be locked away editing for the last month. Cuong [Lieng] picked up an HD camera and his footage is lookin' legit, so he can be the dude in the streets when I can't make it.

Who's editing the video?
Jim: Myself with input from the team.

Everybody having full parts?
Jim: It's hard to say right now. Everybody's parts are gonna be short and sweet is all I can say right now. Quality not quantity.

How'd you come up with the name Never Gets Old?
Jim: It was a slogan at a sales meeting in Amsterdam. This shit never gets old--the more I heard it, it just felt like a good fit for the video. We had another name, Til The Wheels Fall Off, but I don't see the wheels falling off anytime soon. Skateboarding is the fountain of youth.

Did you like my title for the video?
Jim: What was that?

The 5-Foot-3 And Me?
Jim: [Laughs] I'm down, let's do it.

What song are you gonna use?
JT: Fugazi maybe? I don't know. We don't know what we're gonna get the rights to.

How are you guys gonna put out the video?
Jim: We're going back and forth with iTunes. We just gotta figure out the best way to get it out to the masses.

It's gonna be free for 24 hours on!
Jim: Yup, indeed.

Are we coming up on the one-year anniversary of you trying to kill yourself?
JT: Oh yeah, we are. It was a week before Thanksgiving I think.

How's your dome? 100-percent recovered?
JT: Yeah, it's good. No side effects except that I can't smell anymore.

Are you serious?!
JT: Yeah.
Jim: The video will be premiering about a week before that happened last year.

You fully lost your sense of smell?
JT: I can't smell anything anymore. The doctor said it could come back within a year, but it's almost been a year. After a year, it's pretty much not coming back.

How do you know if your farts are really bad or not? Your wife has to tell you?
JT: Yeah. It has its advantages too, though. If someone's blowing up the bathroom, I don't even care.

That's incredible. I guess you gotta look at the bright side of everything.
JT: Of all the senses to lose, that's probably the best.

Now that I think about it, most of the stuff out there you don't want to smell.
JT: It's like half and half I think.
Jim: It makes changing diapers that much easier.
JT: That's a bad thing, sometimes Lucy [JT's daughter] takes a shit and I don't realize it. I'll be walking around with her and people will be like, "she stinks," and I'll say, "Oh yeah, I was just about to go change her."

How old is your daughter now?
Two, almost three.

They grow up fast. You guys gonna have more?
I don't know. Just one for right now.

You're living in San Marcos?
Yeah, right down the street from TransWorld.

Who's part are you looking forward to seeing in the Osiris video?
I'm lucky because Jim's been editing the video at my house so I get to see them all, but Jamie P is lookin' real good. I like everybody's parts though.

How long have you been filming for the video?
Jim: two, two and a half years.
JT: No way! I haven't even been on the team that long.
Jim: Well, off and on. I've been juggling the web content. It started off really gradually.
JT: I didn't know we were filming an Osiris video until after I was done with the Real video.
Jim: I'll say we've been seriously filming for about a year.

Ollie over to crooked grind in Las Vegas. Photo: Hainault

Where'd you travel for this video?
JT: China. It was pretty sick.
Jim: South America.
JT: Vegas. Some short trips around the States.
Jim: We rented the apartment in Vegas for a month.

Oh yeah, that's where JT tried to die. You gonna go back to that rail and get that front board?
I thought about it, just because it pissed me off. It'd be kinda nice to get it.

You don't want to lose another sense.
I'd like to think I wouldn't be as unfortunate, but yeah.

You got a shoe coming out next year?
It's gonna be like a year. Fall 13.

If Jim edits your part super good, does he get a free month's rent?
Well, he's already had a free year's rent, so what's another month [laughs]?

The JT Marty McFly edit by Jim Kappel

Is football mandatory every Sunday?
Yeah. Sometimes I'll watch football and blow off skating [laughs]. I'll find myself getting drunk at one in the afternoon and I'm like, what am I doing? But today was cool, ten o'clock game, go skate right after.

Is it hard to skate weekeday spots in San Diego?
It's hard to skate any spots in San Diego. Today is Sunday and we just got kicked out.

JT gears up to get down. Photo: Shigeo

How'd you get your head around that ollie over to backside noseblunt-slide that's in our last issue on that wood hubba?
I've been wanting to do that for a long time. I learned them on this skatepark hubba in L.A. Once I did a few on that, I was like, I gotta get it before somebody else does it. I had this hubba in L.A. I wanted to do it on, but Cuong talked me out of it. He said, "You gotta do it on the Encinitas one, it's better." It was harder, there's no angle on that spot. It's so narrow. I had to go back to it a few times to get it. I got it like two days before they put knobs on it.

Are we gonna see that trick in your part?
Yeah. I noticed in the next issue of TransWorld, the Contents was Vincent Alvarez doing one on an out ledge. That's kinda crazy. I thought that was cool, it showed one going down, and one going out.

Jim: How many times do you think you tapped the nose of your board on the ground filming this part?
Is your OCD getting worse?
JT: I feel like it's been better, until today, it got real bad. If I know it's time-sensitive, like today I knew we were gonna get kicked out, so I try to hurry up the process and that turns into me doing some weird-ass shit. It's kind of embarrassing. You guys have all witnessed it before.

Ollie over to backside noseblunt-slide. Photo: Shigeo

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