Pro Kits

Nobody's gettin' a signature collection if they don't have something special about their kit—there's not really a point in slappin' someone's name on a generic plain white tee. That being said, all of these signature stitches are sure to reflect a slice of each skater's personality and individual style. So if you've ever wanted a certain skater as a personal stylist for the day, here's the closest you'll get in the non-creepiest kind of way.



Neckface Jersey $50; Neckface Gabriel Chino $56

Since Neckface is homeys with everyone on the squad and even lends his artful hand to some of the shirt graphics from time to time, it should come as no surprise that Altamont hooked him up with his own signature jersey and chino.



Duffel Dart Denim $70; Aultz Jacket $122

You can finally throw that sewing machine in the trash, 'cause you won't need it anymore trying to get pants as tight as Duffel's. While you're at it, you can also stop scouring the surplus stores for sick military jackets because JT Aultz has made the perfect fit.



Dylan Rieder Jacket $160; Dylan Rieder Shirt $28; Dylan Rieder Denim $75

Some used to say the Canadian tuxedo was a fashion faux-pas. But damn, if they catch you in this one, they’ll be eatin’ their words. And get this: going all out skate, actual urethane wheels were used in the washing process to soften the denim.



Kenny Anderson's Ol' Man Heather $65; Silas's Harvest Flannel $52

Gramps is definitely gonna be jealous when you show up to the holiday party in Kenny Anderson's Ol' Man sweater. Make his day and gift it—you're not going to regret it, 'cause Silas' Harvest flannel is equally rad.



Pentadot Longsleeve $46; Pentadot Boardshorts $56

You can never really figure out if Jerry Hsu's being serious or not. Take these pentagram-covered threads for example: is Jerry making a joke of all the so-called Satanists in skateboarding, or is he actually embracing the dark side? Whatever the case may be, long live the cult of Hsu!



Steeze Jacket $64; Taylor Tailored Fit $55

It sucks being in the rain without a hood, especially when you've got a hot date and just spent four hours perfecting your 'do. Well, Sheckler's solved that problem with the zip-away hood in his jacket. And if you've ever wondered how Mikey pulled the tricks in his recent Roll Call (check the December issue), maybe it's got something to do with his Taylor-ed fit jeans.



Victory Flannel $45; Live To Die Raglan $32
The Chief's always had an eye for style, so it's no wonder he'd get down on the sewing machines. Throw on these stitches and feel like you're kickin' it with Jamie back in Sweet Home Alabama.



Denmar Fleece Pant $50; aTK Raw Denim $60

Chad Muska's one of those dudes who can get away with skating in anything. Whereas some might get clowned for rockin' sweatpants on the NYC streets, Muska makes it looks steezy. But in case you're not feelin' as casual as the Muska, throw on some of TK's signature jeans.



Paul Shier Blueprint Collaboration McQueen Jacket $60; Marc Johnson Slim Fit Staple Solid $80

Paul Shier took Blueprint close to his heart with the lining of his signature jacket, while MJ, being an ever-simple yet endlessly stylish kinda guy, designed this basic work shirt that's as effortlessly steezy as everything he does on the board (yeah, we know that's a lofty claim, but everything MJ does is golden—even when it comes to making clothes).


Nike SB

P.Rod Signature 5 Pocket Jean $78; P.Rod Comic Dri-Fit Tee $24

When you can switch backside noseblunt handrails (peep our December issue), you get signature everything. P. Rod, the golden child of skateboarding, adds some new Nike SB threads to his ever-expanding collection of signature goods.



AV Apprentice Shirt $52; AV Covina III Pants $49

Wanna know the secret to thousand-mile-per-hour switch back tails? Yeah, so do we. Unfortunately there's no magic potion, but at least you can deck yourself out in an AVE-designed wardrobe while you practice for the next ten years.



Trapasso Slim Fit Chino $55; Busenitz Jacket $90

Sometimes the pajama pants that used to be his trademark don't cut it—Trapasso's now sportin' slim fit chinos. And if you're cold, toss on the Busenitz jacket and bomb the nearest hill to feel like one of our favorite speed freaks.