My Bloody Valentine Contest

Kelly Bellmar Backyard Pool Hosts My Bloody Valentine
Wicked Wahine Stop #2

Words: Annie Allegretti

Photos: Madison Ray Zimmerman

After a fourteen year hiatus, Kelly Bellmar hosted a bowlfest at his well-renowned and well-respected backyard pool. Sunday February 27th -the Wicked Wahine series second stop- “My Bloody Valentine event took place at this monster. A ten-foot roll-in and ten and a half foot walls with two and a half feet of vert drew top pros, including Cara-Beth Burnside, Holly Lyons, Mimi Knoop, Nicole Zuck and more. To even qualify to skate Bellmar’s bowl, they needed to grind the coping in the practice sessions. Word was obviously on the street as Hosoi, Lucero, Grosso, Mountain, Hassan, Galloway and many others strolled in to support the ladies. The girls were shredding. Sporting Liza Manellis and chowing an apple Juwels Bauer just about tore her thumb in half attempting to Frontside air the canyon. Twelve year old mystery-child-Grommette-Wonder, April Woodcock chucked a Miller flip and a Stelmaski plant in this menacing bowl. All the girls were pushing each other and skating hard. Other new kids on the block, Felicity Carroll—fifteen—and eight year old mini grom Lexi Barclay were fearlessly charging as well. DJ Caesar was there spinning punk, hardcore, and reggae amping the girls to a near collision via a simultaneous roll-in between Cara-Beth and Nicole. Although the girls were skating like it was a contest, with Joe on the grill flipping burgers and dogs and Coors on tap, this was more like a backyard barbeque. Thanks to the Wicked Wahine founders Tammy Tangalin (Bam Bam) and Liz Brandenburg. With the success of functions like this, we can all expect much more to come in the near future. Look for the third stop at the Baja Bowl as Tammy and Liz bring the Wicked Wahines south of the border in June!

Final Results

My Bloody Valentine Award: Juwels Bauer Bloodied thumb attempting to air canyon

Best Trick: Cara-Beth Burnside Les Twist, rolled in over coping, feeble to fakie

Highest Air: Cara-Beth Burnside

Death box Challenge: Heidi Fitzgerald Frontside/ backside grind over box

Longest Grind: Mimi Knoop

Most Stylee: Nicole Zuck

Rookie of the year- skater most improved: Pamela Brodowski

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