If a 4-Day outdoor Summer festival in Bristol, England—complete with music, skating, camping, carnival rides and 20,000 people non-stop partying—sounds like a good time, you’d be right! Did I mention the Ring of Fire? The Nass Festival packs a punch and we were fortunate to be out there this year to experience it firsthand. Check all the highlights and mark your calendar for this time next year. Nass Fest promises to return bigger and better than ever and you’re going to want to be there. —PAUL KOBRIGER

Check a ton of photos and video recaps below, and visit nassfestival.com for complete details and recaps.

Women’s Finals:

Ring of Fire:

Vert Finals:

Visit the Nass Festival YouTube page here.

The Boss. Photo: Harry McCulloch

Ke’Chaud blasting!

Danny Leon | Photo: Harvey Mills

Ke’Chaud Johnson, gap to lipslide. | Photo: Harvey Mills

Reynolds, classic FS flip. Photo: Harvey Mills

Podium: Aaron Jago, Ke’Chaud Johnson, Danny Leon


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