Neil Heddings Skate Jam at The Pala Pool.

A benfefit skate jam/contest was held at the Pala pool on Saturday, April 12, 2003. All the money raised went to help get Neil Hedding out of jail. Neil was arrested and is being held on $250,000 bail. All this for a crime he did not commit. It seems that the police like to pass judgement on appearance alone and it never seems to end. A ton of product was donated and over 200 people came out to support the cause.

I was in awe as we drove up to the pool. All the cars parked out front and all the people hanging out at the old run down house with a pool in the backyard. I felt right at home, actually, I wish it was my home!

As far as the skating went, everybody killed it. Matt Moffett and Sam Hitz had the longest carves I have ever seen and they both skated faster than everyone else there. Sam has such a natural style for pool skating. He made the deep look like it was only four feet high.

This guy showed up and rolled right in to the deep end. Everyone was calling him “Roach”, and let me tell you, Roach rolled in from everywhere. He even pulled in over the lover seat from a noseblunt stall.

At this point I decided I needed a better angle to film from, so I put on the wide angle lens and took position at the deep end of the pool. My timing could not have been better! Benji Galloway had started his assault which would lead him to first place. His lines were endless. If you watch some of the video clips you will agree.

Jimmy The Greek was my personal favorite to watch. If you were in the pool during his run he would try to chase you out. He pulled off some of the smoothest lines of the day. I still can’t figure out how he did some of them! The guy is a phenom of some sort.

Other highlights of the day included Brendan Kleins grind over the light and death box, the stalefishes of Alex Home,and Al Partenan doing Back Smiths and backlips — but no backflips. The law (police) even showed up but no-one even paid attention to him. I guess he could’ve cared less as well because he was gone within ten minutes. I think he spent eight of those minutes watching everyone skate. Isn’t it ironic how things happen?

The day ended with everyone trying to get their last runs in while the session was still hyped. Hitz would not allow Navarette to stop skating until he pulled a handplant. Darren did manage to pull one though, even with the distaction of Hitz shooting roman candles and yelling obscenities at him. What else are friends for!


1. Benji Galloway

2. Jimmy The Greek

3. Matt Moffet

4. Al Partenan

5. Sam Hitz

6. Alex Horn

7. Roach

8. Frank Atwater

9. Brendan Klein