We caught up with Tom K. to get the scoop on the New Balance Numeric team announcement. It’s no secret that the key to a strong crew is a mix of talent, style, and solid friendships. Tom broke it down for us today:

Boardslide Photo: Muller

“I used to ride for Gravis. I was on flow. As things were starting to work out they cut the skate program. This was at the end of October. After that, I was getting hit up by companies that I wasn't really down for. I just wanted to ride for something that my friends were on. I wouldn't want to travel with people that sucked, just as human beings.

Jamie Thomas obviously knew me through Zero and connected me with Seb at New Balance Numeric. I talked to Arto Saari and Russell Houghton, who I knew through Gravis and I knew I was down to skate for a company with those dudes again.

Somewhere in between Rattray became the TM. On the last Gravis trip we went on, Rattray had come too. That trip was awesome and now some of the dudes who were there make up part of the new team.

“I just wanted to ride for something
that my friends were on.”

I knew most of the team from before NB# except for PJ and Levi. PJ was the first dude on the team. He’s super busy filming for Plan B I’m just getting to know him. Levi's cool, I've gotten to know him more since this first trip. Everyone on the team all have the same outlook on skating and share similar interests. We're all psyched on each other and when we go skate it's awesome.

Russell and Rattray are in charge of all the projects. They're running it, that's what makes it cool. We as a team agree and work with their ideas. This is a short video to announce who the team is, but we're working on a longer edit. The first one was in L.A. We just skated spots that we are all hyped on and there are some others that have been putting in work to be part of the team later this year."
—As told to Luke Callahan

50-50 to street Photo: Muller

New Balance Numeric videos are guaranteed to be tight with Russell Houghton behind the lens. Here’s his part from The Cinematographer Project: