Next Cup Simi Valley

The Next Cup is an amateur series that runs from Yuma to Seattle. This was the last regular event in the series held November 10 at the Skatelab in Simi Valley, California. The Next Cup finals will take place at Point X in Temecula on December 14, 2002.

You may think cool skaters do not compete, but film their way to stardom. True in some cases, but a good comp can build skills and get your name out to the media and potential sponsors. Hey, even tough guys like TNT compete so you know its cool. About 120 competitors braved the rain covered and oil slicked roads to reach the park in Simi Valley. The action was hot in Skatelab’s Big Wood Room and the crowd was hyped. The center of the action was a bank with two sliders, a gap and a barrier on top for slidin. Many, however, utilized all the obstacles and flowed some original lines. Some of these guys could pull their weight in a pro comp.

The kids 11 and under were fun to watch, and they all went for it because they do not bounce as hard when they pack. Bryce Miller led the charge to first place; look for this termite in the future. The 11 -- 14 year old kids went next. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins is the female that broke the top ten. Alex Perelson took top honors. Next up were the guys, 15 and up. Some heavy tricks went down during the two heats. Sagan Lockhart pulled a Backside Kickflip to Boardslide on the Jersey barrier; man that’s tough stuff. Jason Fowler combined tough tricks and consistency, taking the win.

The Open Class contained rippers of all sizes. Little Zak Prescott weighed probably a third as much as some of the other guys, and managed to place 6th. Frank Cremona had fast, original lines all over the park, practically mowing his way to 3rd. Truman did a serious Bomb Drop that would make Duane Peters proud. A couple of flips, Ollie’s and slides later and Truman takes 2nd. Bryan Lopez went big, fast and pulled the techest tricks, he won. Some of the guys that failed to place in the top three also ripped. They just kind of choked in the comp, perhaps cuz of nerves. Either way it was a great comp, tons of fun and the some of tomorrows pros may have been here, working their way up.


1. Alex Perelson
2. Anthony Janow
3. Matt Boyster
4. David Grotewold
5. Brad Disney
6. Austin Gillette
7. Jace Miller
8. Andrew Plante
9. Scott Tabuso
10. Trever Gaul

1. Bryce Miller
2. Chase Webb
3. Dolan Stearns
4. Nate Prescott
5. Andrew Rowe
6. Tony Karr
7. Collin Bedwell
8. Vincent Martinez
9. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins
10. Danny Alvarez

1. Jason Fowler
2. Nicholas Vicari
3. Ronnie Mydland
4. Sagan Lockhart
5. Statoshi
6. Ian Flanigan
7. Chris Blazek
8. Kevin Offerman
9. AJ Cancel
10. Michael Marasco

1. Byran Lopez
2. Truman Hooker
3. Frank Cremona
4. Simon Corral
5. Mike Majewski
6. Zak Prescott
7. Frank Kiepadio
8. Alec Beck
9. Evan Mason
10. Martà­n Bernal