No Age, Weirdo Rippers

No Age
Weirdo Rippers

There will always be bands across this land for which skateboarding is merely a subculture and a media tool used to help sell their despicably bland tunes. On and on… forever. But occasionally, a band comes along that really understands, appreciates, and participates in the world of skateboarding. Dean Spunt and Randy Randall of Los Angeles-based No Age are exactly the kind of dudes I’m talking about. When not curating skate-inspired art shows or eBaying their brains out trying to snag vintage Vision Street Wear pieces, they actually ride skateboards. And indeed, they even have a mini ramp (perhaps the jankiest of all time) in their Hollywood backyard.

Akin to their off-kilter, ambient punk and noise pop jams, the trannies are skewed, the coping’s a bit dodgy, and the layers are wrecked. All in all, it’s a mess. But WHATEVER—it’s an exciting mess! And like their music, it has heart. In the last year Dean and Randy have released five limited vinyl-only recordings on a variety of indie labels around the world. Rad move, dudes. Weirdo Rippers offers a broad variety of tracks from those releases. Say hello to a future classic.—Arlie Carstens