No Love For Love Park

The infamous meeting ground has been shut down. Heads all over Philly and the East Coast are feelin’ the sting, too. Just like the EMB in San Francisco, another one of skateboarding’s greatest icons has fallen to political agendas that only make sense to the suit-wearing populace of our great nation.

For now, we can only hope for a bright future for the city of Philadelphia. So in the meantime, at least you can enjoy these Love highlights that have graced the pages of TWS over the past ten years.

Love Park quotes

“It was just a good spot where everyone could meet up and chill out. Love Park was the biggest thing in Philadelphia. Everyone just knows Philly as Love, which is bad because there’s a lot more to the city. It’s pretty bad right now for the skate shops and for the pros. It’s makin’ some of the pros want to leave the city. Stevie Williams probably ripped the park the hardest.”-Kerry Getz

“To me, Love Park was like a playground-a place where you could do whatever you wanted on or off a skateboard. You could witness a lot of crazy things from bum fights to crazy people doing crazy things. My favorite years were from ’93 to ’96-the SUBZERO years-because everything was new to us, such as tricks and styles-the possibilities were endless.

“The ledges were still new and square, cops would walk through the park and say nothing. And each day, new tricks were constantly being done for the first time. It was our training ground. We’d skate for blocks every day to Love with people like Matt Reason, Ricky Oyola, Sergei Trudnowski, Jerry Fischer, and many others to skate daily with Stevie and the whole DGK crew.

“From guys like Brian Wenning and Anthony Pappalardo ripping the fountain gap to Josh Kalis, Kevin Taylor, Kerry Getz, Rich Adler, and all the others I forgot, the possibilities would still be endless if they didn’t tear Love down. R.I.P. Love Park.”-Fred Gall

“I’m over Love Park. I don’t wanna see it or talk about it again. Love Park is dead.”-Josh Kalis

“I used to go to Love to meet up with everyone. It was a good place to mess around and learn tricks. Stevie Williams would always rip that place with three- to ten-trick lines. Because of Love Park, Stevie’s driving in a super-nice Range Rover and a Mercedes Benz CLK 430. So much good stuff has gone down at Love. Fred Gall definitely ripped it up the hardest during the SUBZERO days. Kerry’s kickflip down the fountain gap was one of the sickest things I’ve ever witnessed there-and that was five years ago. Also, Fred Gall’s ollie up to ledge, then a quick gap ollie to 50-50 on the long flat Love rail was insane. And f-kin’ Kalis’ 360 kickflip over two garbage cans. The tearing down of Love isn’t going to stop kids from skating in Philly. If it’s the city’s mission to stop kids from skating, it’s never going to happen.”-Bam Margera