Another month has brought us back full circle to the Mandatory Information column. I prefer to think of it more like a glimpse into the soul of a cosmic explosion. Imagine times of old for a second, if you will. News of any magnitude was hard to come by. People who yearned for validity had to go through unimaginable lengths and incomparable odds just to squeeze a droplet of a juicy tidbit out of the lemon that’s called “news.”

People would form bands of followers and sit around campfires. All night long, stories of the latest happenings would whirl around in the minds of the eager recipients. Amazed and delighted were these lucky few. Thankfully, printed information can now reach more people without the useless destruction of wood for fires. Better for us, because now we get to read more and skate more-happiness is ours!

First off, in the world news of skateboarding, Ron Whaley and

filmer/producer Eric Noren are wrapping up the editing of the Krux’s April Fools tour video. Featuring Colt Cannon, Caswell Berry, Louie Barletta, Alan Petersen, and Ron himself, the Krux video is 21 days and 5,700 miles of video-documented mayhem. Scheduled release is sometime in the near future after ams Tyler Hansen; Jeremiah Babb; and San Jose, California’s Ryan Gray get some last-minute footage. Anthony Mosley is now on Krux! After receiving a pair of the new Downlows to try out, a two-hour “sesh” ensued. The result: a new teamrider. Welcome aboard, Anthony!

Speaking of Ryan Gray, the Tilt Mode Army enthusiast was also added to the Santa Cruz am team. Word on the street is that Santa Cruz pro Alex Moul has been terrorizing around Southern California getting footage. Keep an eye out for some very original skating from this geezer.

Matix Clothing has added Brandon Biebel and Jereme Rogers. Brandon joins Jereme to make up the company’s new amateur duo. Brandon’s performance in Lakai’s new video release Beware Of The Flare is so strong that his amateur status will soon be in question. If pro, he’ll join the Matix ranks with Rick McCrank, Marc Johnson, Daewon Song, Danny Garcia, Jeron Wilson, JB Gillet, Rodney Mullen, Rudy Johnson, and Sean Sheffey.

Meanwhile on other fronts … Independent Trucks TM Joey Tershay recently picked up a few new additions to the Indy Trucks team. Girl skateboards’ Robbie McKinley, Chocolate’s Kenny Anderson, and Aesthetics’ Rob Welsh are now all riding the best and f-king the rest! Send your shop videos to NHS for Independent’s shop sponsor contest. The winner gets an Indy shop-team sponsorship for all of 2003 that includes a fat package each month! Deadline to turn in your video is November 1, 2002, so get on the ball and send your shop video to NHS.

Andy Macdonald is far on his way to being the national spokesperson for skateboarding. Recently, Andy joined forces with Skatewave Modular Skatepark Systems to promote the growth of skateparks in communities across America. At a skatepark opening in Lansing, Michigan, Andy was seen skating without Animal Chin, even though The Search For Animal Chin video celebrates its fifteenth-year anniversary this year. Grab a copy and invite some friends over to re-enjoy this legendary video classic.

While we’re on the subject of legends, O.G. Z-Boy and skateboard legend Jay Adams announced his plans to throw the contest of the millennium. An invitational backyard “pool duel” where only 25 of the “gnarliest of the gnar” will be invited to participate. Jay’s main sponsors, Osiris Shoes and Deathbox Skateboards have agreed to participate as title sponsors. Jay expects three to four more “‘core” skateboard manufacturers to “step up” and “throw down” the balance of the 100,000-dollar total budget. The three-part “series” will take place in three undisclosed empty backyard swimming pools in late September or early November 2002.

Kris Markovich, Don “The Nuge” Nguyen, and Justin Roy have recently returned from aa long relaxing hangout trip in Hawai’i. No demos, just chilling at the skateparks and hanging with the locals. Now that the Hollywood promo video’s done, it’s time for the boys to step up for the much-anticipated full-length video. Markovich is still trying to find out if Chad Fernandez wants to get in the ring and have a go, but we haven’t heard anything, except rumors of him boasting that he sucker-punched Kris. Moreover, if you didn’t know already, The Nuge is pro now and will be included in Hollywood’s new series of graphics. Another good thing to hear is that Foundation’s Mike Rusczyk is back on his board shredding after a longtime healing from knee surgery. Look out for Mike and the rest of the F team on the Madness And Mayhem tour.

Now for the shoe news … Genetics has fused into an elite division of Airwalk called the AWS (Airwalk Skate) division. The AWS division roster carries the Genetic team and members of the Airwalk team as follows: Bucky Lasek, Pat Channita, Jesse Paez, Eric Shelley, Michah Hollinger, Alysson Castro, Danny Fuenzalida, Jerry Smyth, and Nick Jojola.

Savier happily announces the addition of its newest team member, John Rattray. This Scotland native joins the well-respected team of Brian Anderson, Brad Staba, Tim O’Connor, Stefan Janoski, Jose Rojo, and Jani Laitiala. John has been spending his days skateboarding in Barcelona and has recently acquired a visa from U.S. Immigration. He’s planning to migrate to the U.S. in September.

Forrest Kirby’s Zoo York teammate Todd Jordan is said to be the newest addition to the Nike team. Fuze Shoes, which also houses Forrest, just gained powerhouse players Pat Duffy and Jason Masse.

I-Path has brought on am Danny Renaud. In other related I-path news, Karl Watson, Matt Pailes, and Jacob Rupp are on a three-week extended tour of Florida and Puerto Rico. Kenny Reed is still on his long travel missions across the world. He’s going from country to country skating and spreading the I-Path vibe. Tony Cox has just returned to SF after journeying with Kenny for a month.

In other miscellaneous media news, the mighty Eric Dressen has been seen filming for an upcoming segment for Fox Sports Net with Wee Man and some of the other 1984 crew. Gary Smith was featured on Tom Green’s The Skateboard Show trying to return a cow tongue as a cell phone, a guitar, and a piece of hardware. He was unsuccessful. That’s it for this month, folks.