#TWSAWARDS The Nominees: Best Rookie

This year we opened the nominee category up to five skaters as opposed to just three in previous years. This cross-section of rookies pros is insane. These guys are talented, gnarly, and stylish beyond their years. The winner is picked by the TransWorld staff, but let us know your pick in the comments below. Stay tuned right here and on our Instagram (@transworldskate) to see who wins on January 7. Last year’s Best Rookie: Gilbert Crockett.

Best Rookie Nominee: Brad Cromer

Brad went pro for Krooked this year with an awesome video backed by The Gonz and his circle board. Brad had a Roll Call interview in our December 2013 issue and is currently filming a part for our 26th video due out Summer 2014.

Best Rookie Nominee: Evan Smith

Evan Smith’s ATV abilities continue to max out with each video part and contest appearance. This dude is a whiz on the guitar too, and does it all from his Northeast outpost of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Best Rookie Nominee: Jon Dickson

Jon Dickson blew the world away with his last part in The Deathwish Video (and turned pro onstage at the premiere), he killed it in Skate & Create and with his gnarly footage in Fallen’s Road Less Traveled.

Best Rookie Nominee: Julian Davidson

Julian crushed it in Perpetual Motion earning the last part. He had our March 2013 cover and deservedly went pro for Element in September.
Best Rookie Nominee: Mark Suciu

You can’t keep Mark Suciu from stacking clips and putting out parts. He started the year with an insane Welcome To adidas part and never stopped. He got the pro nod from Habitat in June.