NikeSB celebrated the release of Nyjah Huston’s first Pro Model shoe this past weekend with a wear test at his private park in San Clemente, CA, followed by a fitting rooftop Hollywood party Monday night to premiere his ‘Til Death video part filmed by Ty Evans, which will be live later today here on For now, check out some photos below from the festivities. Congrats, Nyjah!

PHOTOS / @jaimeowens

 Guy Mariano with some hang time.

 Nike heads, Rochelle, Scuba Steve, Dom Travis, and Mike Sinclair


 Keegan Palmer, kickflip from low to high.

 Host of the party.

 Matt Pierre (of Kickflip Nosegrind UCI hubba fame), 360 flip.

 Jah, nosegrind.

 Switch frontside flip in for the boys.

 T-Bone, nosegrind.


 Sinner, heelflip.

 Yuto’s name constantly auto corrects to “AUTO”. Son of a…. Nollie frontside noseslide.

 Dashawn Jordan, lien to tail.

 The boys; Guy, Jah, Carlos

 Yuto, frontside ollie.

The shoe.



Okay! Now it’s Monday night and we’re in Hollywood for the big premiere! No expense was spared as Nike SB held down the roof of the Dream Hotel with open bars and music pumping all night. You’re gonna have your mind blown when you see this beast later today! Thanks everyone and helluva job on the part Nyjah!

Kevin Romar on the tables and the man of the hour behind the booth!

Boo J in his natural habitat.

Ishod tha gawd and Walker Ryan.

Ethan Loy, Theotis, Domo, and JoeFace!

Outside, it’s on!

The Dream roof was packed.

Hollywood nights like Bob Seger said.

Our Weedmaps bros Eric Sorenson and JJ.

Hey film this: Lovell and JoeFace.

Pop the bubble for Nyjah’s new kicks.

Nyjah x Hollywood.

Jake Anderson and Plunkytown.

Jake’s photobombing, true or false?

Derrick Wilson with some lovely ladies.

Shane, Jake Darwen, K Walks.

Good times!

David Loy and John Montessi!

Our own Mike Fitz and Chase Webb.

G’night from Domo and some more gorgeous Hollywood dames!