Not too long ago the Official team spent about 12 days in Seoul, South Korea. The roster included Stefan Janoski, Rodrigo TX, Yoshiaki Toeda, Marquise Henry, Kilian Zehnder, and Miles Silvas. The universe must have been listening, though, because we weren't alone. Several other teams hit the city right around the same time. Not unlike driving around LA or SF, we managed to drive by a spot or two and another crew was already in full swing. Strange for a city that has yet to be fully explored from a skateploitation point of view, but in a way it felt like we'd never left home.
For most of us it was our first trip to South Korea. We explored everything Seoul had to offer from a culinary and skate perspective. The two revolving themes on most skate trips are good food and skate spots—Seoul had us covered on both. You'll find a different piece of granite and a different coffee chain on every block in Seoul. Our gracious hosts made sure we were all well caffeinated and that our bellies were full. We ate everything from the best burritos of our lives to Korean barbecue in Korea. And skated everything from old natural quarterpipes to perfect downtown sprawling metropolis granite spots. The best part of traveling with friends, though, is getting to hang out and skate for a block of time with people that you don't get to see on a regular basis. We came from Switzerland, Germany, LA, Sacramento, Brazil, and NY to all hang out and skate in Seoul.
Words and Photos by Jeff Landi

Kilian Zehnder, backside flip. (*click to enlarge)

Kilian Zehnder, backside flip. (*click to enlarge)

"The Just Blaze concert we went to with TX and Miles was a turn-up! So much fun!—Kilian Zehnder

강철 ("The sound of steel, "kilian" in Korean) Kilian
The turn-up was real in Seoul. Rolling in from the club and straight to the van for the day. Kilian made short, slightly still drunk work of a couple spots before making it to this backside flip. Kilian's name in Korean translates to "the sound of steel"—maybe that's 'cause my man is hard as fuck!

Stefan Janoski, frontside 5-0. (*click to enlarge)

Stefan Janoski, frontside five-0. (*click to enlarge)

"My favorite thing about Korea was trying to find vegan tacos every day."—Stefan Janoski

말도 안되" (Unbelievable/crazy) Stefan
Food was a running theme on this trip, and man, nothing beats Korean barbecue in Korea. Korean barbecue for life! The Mexican food was pretty good though, too! The unbelievable Stefan Janoski with a frontside five-0 to fakie.

Yoshiaki Toeda, verial heel. (*click to enlarge)

Yoshiaki Toeda, varial heel. (*click to enlarge)

'은거인 (Little giant) Toeda
Yoshiaki Toeda is one of the most mild-mannered, nicest people I've ever met. This varial heel was so smooth and easy that the pigeon in the foreground just hung out to watch.


Miles Silvas, backside 360. (*click to enlarge)

"Probably just seeing the city was my favorite thing. It was pretty futuristic looking, and I was hyped on that."—Miles Silvas

스위스 신예 (Rookie from Switzerland) Kilian
This was the first trip Kilian had been on since getting a spot with the international team through our friends at Beast Distribution in Germany. He pulled this backside 180 nosegrind 360 out on our first day skating in Seoul, and I and everyone else on the team became instant fans. By the end of the trip, everyone came up and said he should be on through the US side. Easiest decision ever.


Kilian Zehnder, bacside 180 nosegrind 360 out. (*click to enlrage)

브라질리–(Brazilian pop) TX
Rodrigo TX can skate a tall ledge like no one's business. The originator of Brazilian Pop, he backside tailed this ledge in a line and then filmed a single of a switch frontside tailslide for good measure.


Rodrigo TX, backside tailslide. (*click to enlarge)

"Can I say watching Kilian skate was my highlight? Kilian killing the whole trip!" —Rodrigo TX

…크닉선수 (Tech wizard) Marquise
Like so many spots on this trip, everybody shredded, which is something I love about our team. Doesn't matter if someone is going hammer time or just getting loose and messing around. If the spot's fun, everyone cruises it together. Marquise ended up getting the trick for this article, though, with a half-Cab crooked grind.

Marquise Henry, half-Cab crooked grind. (*click to enlarge)

Marquise Henry, half-Cab crooked grind. (*click to enlarge)

"My favorite memory is of Miles' kickflip over the handrail. That was first try, right? And that spot was so hard to skate—so many people and cars."—Yoshiaki Toeda

끝장판 (Ripper/ender) Miles
Miles Silvas is always down for a mission. After 12 days in Korea, it didn't take much convincing that we should go skate this drop before the shop above opened at 10 a.m. No warm-up and 15 minutes later, this thing had been kickflipped, and as seen in this photo, heelflipped. Not too long after, I dropped my camera down the stairs…trip over.

Miles Silvas, heelflip. (*click to enlarge)

Miles Silvas, heelflip. (*click to enlarge)

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