On Fire – Interview with Erik Ellington

How's life after the mansion?


What do you and don't you miss about living in the mansion?

I miss the commune of people and the parties–sometimes. What I don't miss is the exact same thing.

So, it's a love-hate relationship?

So, there were a lot of good times, but also a lot of annoying ones?


Now who do you live with and where?

I live with the old lady in Hollywood .

Not far from where the mansion was?

No. I live right off Sunset.

How much more convenient is it living in your new place?

It's very much so. I get to skate wherever I want.

What have you been doing?

After the Emerica video <This Is Skateboarding> came out, I just

kicked it for a couple weeks. Lately, I've been going out skating a lot. Not much new–skating around.

No traveling?

I didn't go on the Emerica world tour.

Were you bummed?

Yeah, I wanted to go, but I had some pretty serious things to

handle around here. I just talked to everyone yesterday–Justin and Andrew–and they said it was a great time. I would've loved to have gone.

Are you looking into traveling anytime soon?

Yeah, it depends.

Just what comes up?

Yeah, kind of.

How do you feel about our current possible war situation with Iraq?

I had a couple strong feelings on it. There are a lot of different ways you could go. One, you could consider that George Bush isn't really even controlling the whole situation. But then if you want to take an argument from the side of blaming him for it, I think they could definitely use the money that they're putting into this for a lot of other things. I guess I could go on for a while about it, but I think it's pretty ignorant–the whole situation. I heard it could be for oil, or for this or that, or whatever little cover-ups they do. I'd love to know more about it, and I'd love to be able to voice my opinion, but I feel kinda sorta helpless in the situation.

It's funny because it seems like it's gone from a war against terrorism to, “Is it really a war about oil?”

Now it just got turned to Iraq, and Korea claims that it has missiles capable of reaching the West Coast, and they're kinda getting looked away from. I have friends from other countries, and I listen to their views and takes on the United States, and it seems like we try to control the world. It's pretty ignorant, but then again, who knows what it's really about.

How do you think it's going to affect skating?

I don't know. It could affect it in so many different ways.

What do you think about Michael Jackson?

I started talking to you the other day about Michael Jackson and how people seem to not even consider him human anymore, and it's really f–king lame.

I don't know. I don't feel bad for someone who's a complete billionaire and can do whatever he wants and be completely normal if he wanted to.

I feel bad for the guy. It's a long story. I've been on the Internet too much.

Yeah, why don't you get off that. That's perfect. That's long enough.

All right.

Peace out.

Wait, wait, wait, what are you going to do now?

I've gotta figure some stuff out. I've gotta go to Vancouver tomorrow. That's what I've got to do.

Oh, you're going to go.

And it's all your fault, and I don't want to talk about it.

Is it going to be in the same issue as McCrank's intervieww?


Oh my god. Can you put something in about that?


What if you put in my interview, “This shocker blew McCrank's interview”?

Why don't you tell the people? Why don't we tell everyone about your practical joke on me?

It wasn't just mine. Well, I mean I guess it was. Well, me and Mumford were going to go to lunch or whatever, so we told Atiba we'd pick him up. We hadn't really planned on going to lunch. Matt was going to show his friend Axl Rose's house, so we didn't tell Atiba. We said, we got this spot, it's out in Malibu. So we're driving for like an hour and a half, and Atiba started freaking out, he wasn't enjoying it. Were you?

I wasn't enjoying it.

Until the McCrank call, right?


I'm going to look like the biggest asshole.

Yeah, this is great.

Anyway, McCrank couldn't get a hold of Atiba because he was in the middle of nowhere, where your phone doesn't get reception, so he missed this two-hour layover that McCrank had in L.A. Atiba was supposed to shoot a portrait for an interview he's been working on for like a year with him. Now he blew that and has to fly to Vancouver. I'm really sorry, but that's the way it goes.

What is it? A practical joke?

A practical joke turned sour.

Yeah. And now who's the victim of that?

You're the victim.

Exactly, and you think it's funny. I'm over it. Bye.

I'm the victim, too.

How are you a victim?

Because I feel bad.

Well, whatever.

I'm a victim here.

I'm over you.

I'm a victim.


Hey, Atiba.