On Fire: Steve Nesser

On Fire

Steve Nesser

Interview by Aaron Schmidt

So Steve, where are you from?

Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve been living there my whole life.

How long have you been skating for? How did you get into it?

For about ten years. My brother had a board and would show me some tricks, and then I got my own and started skating every day with my friend Seth {McCallum}.

How does skating in Minnesota compare to skating in California?

It’s a lot more laid-back—not as much traffic and not as many skaters.

I hear the weather gets pretty bad there in the winter?

Yeah it does, but I try to stay in California or travel until it’s

nice enough to come back.

So where do you live when you’re in California?

My sister lives in Oakland, so most the time I stay there, but this year me and my girl are gonna get our own spot.

Who do you hang out and skate with when you’re in SF?

Well, usually my friend Clint {Peterson} and Emeric {Pratt}. I also skate with Judd Hertzler, Jim Thiebaud, or whoever else is down to skate—you can always find a session.

Who do you skate with when you’re at home?

The Fobia crew.

When did Iota skateboards start, and who’s on the team besides you?

Iota started about three years ago, and the team is Emeric Pratt, Chad Benson, Brian Heck, and Jeremy Reeves.

What kind of music are you into?

I’m into everything pretty much, but right now I’m really feeling Interpol, The Rolling Stones, and Three Six Mafia.

What do you do when you are not skating?

I like to read, play pool, and watch movies.

Who’s on fire right now?

Brian Heck and Jeremy Reeves.

What are your plans for the future?

Keep skating and travel as much as I can.

Do you want to give thanks to anybody?

I want to thank my family, J.B., all my friends, definitely Joe, Dan, and Pete at Iota, Jim Thibeau.d, all my sponsors—Iota skateboards, Independent trucks, Fobia skate shop, Speed Metal

bearings, Spitfire wheels, Shorty’s hardware, and Black Magic grip. I’ve been getting shoes from I-Path, and {thanks to} everyone else who has helped me out.