The amount of noise erupting from the Montalban theatre in Los Angeles last night during Zack Wallin’s ‘oververt’ part was ear-damaging. His wrecking ball approach to skating was the standout that evening. There were plenty of other peaks in crowd reaction throughout the night starting with Thaynan Costa’s hardflip front board opening his part. Barletta came through afterwards with his signature blend of surprises (no-comply front board on a rail) and laughs. Side note to the typography nerds: the titling for each part was amazing. Nestor’s clips registered as especially epic, laced with the vocal stylings of Roy Orbison. There in fact was a full-blown “Cairo! Cairo!…” chant during the premiere so prepare yourself for that part. Caswell and Blue Turner joined forces to shock and awe. Jose Rojo skated to Montell Jordan while the ender he’d filmed was apparently kidnapped and is being held hostage until you buy his board. Van Wageningen stitched highspeed lines together while making that switch-mongo push look so tight, officially converting me back to that technique. There was use of in-video-fast-forward for Jimmy Carlin‘s section. Bodini enjoi web part coming soon? Ben Raemers may officially be contending with Hoffart’s world’s longest boardslide. Get the tape measure. Miika Adamov’s kinked hubba impossible nosegrind was amongst his barrage of clips. A DVD with some heavy moves, no doubt. You’ll be shocked by his part but they’ll be no surprises when Wallin’s name comes up when it’s time to decide on Video Part of the Year. – Luke Callahan

Photos by SHIGEO

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