Park Spotting Algorta, Spain

Park Spotting Algorta, Spain
Go for a dip at the Don Jamon pool in the Basque Country.

There were many surfer-skaters here around 1975. They skated the streets on precarious, usually handmade skateboards. They used to downhill and were rontxing (slamming) like everybody. But the most curious thing was that all of this was happening in Getxo, a little village with many hills, good waves, lots of surfers, and goitiberas (goitiberas are Basque Country prehistoric wooden skateboard prototypes and had wheels with big steel bearings) were everywhere. This and Basque soul made fast-crazy-carver styles here. After the first magazines came here, skaters began to build quarters of wood. There was fashion, and every surfer was a skater, too. Around 1987, La Kantera was born thanks to the great work of some surfer-skater (nobody knows him now, only has-been skaters remember, and we’re saying thanks, Ezkerrik Asko) fighting with the local city hall. La Kantera was the first skatepark in the Basque Country and is probably the most grinded skatepark still to this day. There were twenty or 30 skateparks just like La Kantera or worse, sometimes funny, but sometimes so sickening-unskateable.

Always the same-city hall doesn’t know, don’t ask, don’t answer, and no connection with skaters. But all of these parks made names like Alain Goikoetxea, Borja KepasaPalo, Javier Yogui Mendizabal, Javier Sarmiento, Txufo, Mena, Xabi, and Yanire Elorriaga, and more-they are who they are thanks to La Kantera. Now in 2002, there’s the new pool Don Jamon at La Kantera. Street, transitions, hills, pool, vert, banks-skaters there skate wherever and however. La Kantera is at Arrigunaga beach in the Abra Bay of Bilbao, Spain. It’s located among the castle ruins, and there’s only one atmosphere. There are many crews who rip, and there’s surfing in front of the skatepark. What do you think about 25-foot waves more powerful than a rocky monster’s arm? The crew here skates fast; many rontxos; nougat to grind; new pool styles; surf styles; grind with sea salt splashed; many street skate; many transibanks; many, many, many kids; the girls of La Kantera are the best; cold winters and humid and hot summers and sunny (normally); nuclear-no thanks; many hardcore and folklore; heavy metal; and ezkorbuto on the blood. The hill of the park is the best and the wildest-barbecue skate session music jams at sunset are amazing, listening to the stars and the moon, talking about life and other lives. There’s been more than sixteen years of skate parties (now pool parties) with more than 2,000 people.

A Pool In My Garden (La Kantera)

After I traveled to the U.S.A. with Keil and ripped El Cortes, Temecula, Crack House, black bottom, and many more, I’ve always dreamed of a pool in my garden. Designed, built, and skated, this dream became real. A kidney pool with real block coping, thanks to Javi Labad-without him, this wouldn’t be possible. The city hall of Getxo was interested in the pool, and for the first time in Basque Country, skaters did the work and the result is a nice, good pool.

For use the pool.
Clean before to use.
Jump with cup.
Dance the carves.
Shower before to use.
Infinites and different kinds of to go for a dip.
Swim with scabies.
Use glasses if you have porro chlorine alergic.
Graind the cooping with care.
The best cyclone swim with your friends.
Danger with the dogs.
We look for girls with pools.