Park Spotting: Fontana City Skatepark, Fontana, California

Park Spotting: Fontana City Skatepark, Fontana, California
By Justin Ruttkay

To say it was a blazing-hot day would be an understatement. Due to the extreme heat, I was close to frothing at the mouth the minute I stepped out of the air-conditioned black Subaru in front of the new cement skatepark in Fontana, California. Fortunately for all the other skaters and me, a classic-style ice-cream truck was anxiously waiting to ease our near-born heat strokes with ice-cold Big Sticks.

If you can get over the summer heat, sliding down the recently paved ledges and bowls is a must for any skater living within a fifteen-mile radius of the place. And if you have no idea where Fontana (not to be confused with Montana) is, grab yourself a map, a few of your bros, and make a road trip out of it because it’s a sicky-poo of a skatepark.

Butt-cracked between two vacant dirt lots, the park can hardly go unnoticed. I don’t know if it was the empty baseball field that’s recently lost all of its players to its new neighbor or the cozy houses that are a spitting distance across the way, but there is a nice homey feel to this skatepark. Complementing the park are shaded benches to regenerate on after a session and built-in water fountains to kill that summer thirst.

Paid for by the good taxpayers of Fontana, everyone gets to skate free of charge. Well, for the unfortunate one who forgets their helmet in their bedroom closet, you might suffer from a small financial penalty-the po-po scope the place like a couple of hungry dogs on a piece of raw meat and don’t hesitate to write citations to padless skaters.

Any level of skater can appreciate Fontana Skatepark. From rolling down the pavement in the front area of the park to getting skytime in the clover bowl, you can seep the life out of this place. Eddie “El Gato” Elguera was able to show the crew what it was really all about as he handplanted himself all over the coping in the deepest of the three bowls that make up the clover bowl.